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Thursday, May 7, 2020

0 How to Increase Body's Immune System Naturally

At present the conditions are worrying, the world is facing a fatal epidemic. Almost all countries in the world cannot avoid this virus spread. The world are trying seriously to reduce their impact, and immediately making the vaccine so that this pandemic can ends soon.

At this time, it is very important for each of us to increase our immunity to be able to fight the Corona virus. One way is to strengthen the body's immunity. There are many references on how to increase body immunity, among them by changing diet and change lifestyles. Good immunity will be able to provide the first protection against germs or viruses entering the body.

How to increase body's immune system
Boost Your Immune

Increase Body's Immune Naturally

The following are some ways that can be done to improve the immune system naturally. Why we choose naturally way? because that is the safest way which does not give any side effects to the body especially over a long period of time.

1. Changing Lifestyle

One of the causes of a person's immunity is weakened is due to the wrong lifestyle. But we have to know what a healthy lifestyle is like? If you still do the bad things below, then you have to change it immediately in order to get your body will be healthier.

Get Enough Sleep 

If currently you have a habit of staying up late and lack of sleep, then please change your habits now! That is not good for your health. There are many people die from exhaustion and lack of sleep. After a day of activities, the body needs relaxation by resting or sleeping to restore body fitness.

Enough Sleep
(pic : Pixabay)

For information, adult need at least 7-8 hours of sleep time at night. Whereas younger people (teenagers and children) need longer sleep time, which is around 9-10 hours. We can feel how the body will be very fresh and fit when we wake up in the morning. Our body is not designed to be used continuously. That will weaken the immune system in our body. With enough sleep, it will strengthen the body's immunity in the face of disease.

Avoid Stress

How many healthy people suddenly get sick when they have a lot of thoughts and stress. Stress can cause an imbalance of immune cell function. So it is very important for us to manage stress.
Avoid Stress
(pic : Pixabay)

If we already feel stressed, we can go out to get relax, see new things so that the mind becomes fresher. Doing fun and exciting things will also make the mind more relaxed, like watching TV, reading books, meeting a friends and other fun things.

Light Exercise

Try to be diligent in exercising (even if it's a light exercise) so that the body becomes healthier. It does not have to be heavy exercise, but light exercise for 30 minutes every day in boosting the immune system.

Walking is the best light exercise
(pic : Pixabay)

Light exercise that is recommended is walking. This sport we can do it without having to spend special time. As I have discussed in : Little thing that will improve your health. You can place your vehicle parking location farther from your work location, so it will force you to walk more. It's easy, right?

2. Change Your Diet 

Eat more plant foods (Vegetables and Fruits)

Plant foods such as fruits and vegetables are very good for the body. Vegetables and fruits are rich in anti-oxidants which is very helpful facing dangerous pathogens.
Fruit and Vegetables
(pic : Pixabay)

When free radicals enter the body and accumulate in a large numbers, then it can cause inflammation. Anti-oxidants in the vegetables and fruit can help reduce the effects of inflammation.

Fiber contained in fruits and vegetables are also feeding the good bacteria in the gut. It will nourish good bactery in our gut.

Vegetables and fruits also contain lots of vitamin C which is very good for the body.

Eat More Healthy Fat

Sometimes we do not realize that the foods we consume daily contain a lot of bad fats. What is bad fat? Bad fat is fat that can produce bad cholesterol that triggers heart disease. Bad fats are usually found in meat fat, margarine and coconut oil. Consumption that is not excessive can reduce levels of bad fat in the body.

Consume more healthy fat
(pic : Pixabay)

While healthy fats are good fats for our body. This fat is found in nuts, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, avocados, soy, tuna and salmon.

Healthy fats have anti-inflammatory properties that help the body fight bacteria and viruses.

Limit Your Sugar Comsumption

Consuming sugar is actually not prohibited, as long as it is within reasonable limits. However, what if someone has a habit of consuming too much sugar? this will potentially lead to obesity and diabetes.

Limit your sugar
(pic : Pixabay)

The limits on consuming sugar between men and women are basically different. Similarly, consumption limits in adolescents and children. For women, the daily sugar intake is usually 24 grams (or the equivalent of 6 teaspoons), whereas in adult men, the daily sugar intake is 36 grams (or the equivalent of 9 teaspoons). While the daily sugar intake in adolescents is below 20 grams (or 5 teaspoons).

If someone consumes more sugar than that limit, then the threat is a serious health problem. The solution is to limit our daily sugar consumption, so that the immune system becomes optimal.

Drinking Enough Water

Make sure our bodies are hydrated by consuming enough water. The general rule is to drink when you are thirsty and stop drinking when you are no longer thirsty. By increasing drinking water, it does not specifically protect you from bacteria and viruses, but drinking enough water is very important for general health.

Drink a Water
(pic : Pixabay)

The more active you are at work or on the move, the more fluid will come out of your body, and the need for drinking will increase. However, that does not mean if you rarely move outside, then you need a little liquid. 

Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol

To keep your body healthy, it is important to always avoid all the things that can damage your body. If consumed in excess, cigarettes and alcohol are among of them. Smokers have a high risk of lung infections including bronchitis and pneumonia. If the smoker often consumes alcohol, the risk will more increase. My advice, please avoid smoking and alcohol in order to make our bodies become healthier and fitter.

Grasshopper smoker
(pic : Pixabay)

Those are a few tips on how to increase body immunity naturally. Hopefully useful.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

0 What is 'Infused Water' and its Benefits

Maybe you have often heard about the term of 'infused water'. Or even, you also used to consume it. As you know that infused water is water mixed with various kinds of fruit or leaf slices or vegetables which can be stored in the refrigerator for 8 hours and after that, it can be consumed to maintain the health.

Many people believe that this type of drink is so rich in benefits and some other people have made it as a lifestyle. When people use it as a lifestyle, they always carry infused water wherever they go. People call this water as detox water because it is believed to eliminate toxins in the body..

How to make infused water
Infused water

Actually, this infused water has been known since a long time ago. Infused water is not a new thing. For a Muslims, infused water has been practiced by their Prophet, Muhammad SAW by using date palm fruit ingredients. So the dates are put in the water, then the water which has been mixed with dates is stored overnight and it can be consumed in the morning.

Infused water using lime
Infused water using Lime

The Benefits of Infused Water

The following are some of the benefits we can get by consuming infused water diligently :
  • Detoxification
  • Infused water can help detoxify the body because it contains alkali which can balance the acids in the body.

  • Contains an Iron Compound
  • Infused water can increase the endurance of the body because it contains iron. Consuming infused water regularly can avoid the possibility of dangerous diseases.

  • Relieve Constipation
  • For those of you, who have poor digestion or constipation, you can try making and consumes infused water. Warm drinks of infused water can overcome constipation. Detoxification produced from these drinks can make the body works more optimally in the exhaust system.

  • Contains Vitamins from Fruit
  • Of course, this has happened if you make infused water from fruits. If you make infused water from vegetables you also will get the nutrition and vitamin from vegetables. Consuming infused water could become a fun way to take vitamins.

  • Substitute Water
  • The need for water is very important for the human body because about 60 percent of our body weight consists of water. Humans need about 8 glasses of water per day. If you want to get fresher, then try infused water instead of natural water. If you want to be healthier by only drinking water, then this infused water can be a good option.

  • Lose Weight
  • This is the most preferred benefit of infused water. Many people consume infused water because of this benefit. You can combine it with body exercise, healthy eating patterns and drinking infused water to get the ideal body weight. This drink is your best way to get vitamins while hydrating the body.

  • Anti Aging
  • Fruits like strawberries and pomegranates have very rich antioxidants. Both of these fruits are able to fight the effects of aging and are able to ward off free radicals. You can combine those fruits with mineral water so that the amount is more leverage to complete the diet every day.

lemon infused water
Lemon Infused Water

So this is a little review of infused water. Hopefully, this article is useful and makes us more diligent in consuming infused water so that the body becomes more healthy.

Friday, October 18, 2019

2 The Benefits of Spinach for Health

Around 10-15 years ago (maybe until now), there is very popular children's animated film, the title is 'Popeye the Sailor Man'. This film tells the story of a sailor named Popeye. Actually, he is a common sailor, but when he consumes spinach he can become very strong. After eating spinach, his muscles suddenly enlarged, especially in the arms and upper chest.

Popeye has a girlfriend named Olive. But his relationship with Olive is often interrupted by his nemesis named Brutus. On the other hand, Brutus himself also likes Olive. However, Olive prefers Popeye because Popeye is a good person while Brutus is a bad person.

Inspiration from Popeye

Because Brutus often teased Olive, in the end Popeye did not accept that. He wants to beat Brutus. In the initial battle, Brutus can beat Popeye easily. Brutus is far stronger than Popeye. However, after Popeye ate spinach, the conditions turn around. Popeye suddenly became very strong. With that strength, Popeye was finally able to beat Brutus.

Popeye and Spinach

Actually, in this article, I am not talking about the Popeye film. However, I will explore more about the benefits of eating spinach to maintain a healthy body. Hopefully, this article can make people aware of the importance of consuming vegetables, especially spinach. [Read also : Little things that will improve your health]

Spinach is known to have a high protein content. By consuming it every day can protect the body from various dangerous diseases such as stroke, brain and heart disorders.

Benefits of Eating Spinach

The following are some of the benefits of consuming the Spinach for your health :
  • Low Calories

  • According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 250 grams of raw spinach only has about seven calories. So by consuming it diligently, it will be very good for those who want to lose weight.

  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

  • Eating spinach every day can help to meet the body's daily nutritional needs. The nutritional contents of Spinach are folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron which can help protect the body from a variety of serious diseases such as diabetes, kidney stones, cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.

  • Fight Osteoporosis

  • Spinach is very rich in sources of vitamin K. This vitamin has efficacious for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Not only that, but vitamin K in the Spinach is also claimed to prevent and treat osteoporosis.

  • Can Improve Brain Health

  • Mineral content found in Spinach such as folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and antioxidants, can help prevent neuronal and cognitive impairment of the brain.

    Spinach can improve brain health

  • Prevents inflammation

  • Spinach has high anti-inflammatory properties. This substance can prevent and also treat inflammation caused by germs and bacteria. If we consume spinach regularly, it can also prevent the emergence of atherosclerosis, narrowing, and thickening of the arteries due to the buildup of plaque on the artery walls.

  • Improve Eye Health

  • Spinach has a high content of beta Carotene, Xanthene and Lutein. These three substances are beneficial for maintaining healthy eyes. In addition, consuming spinach regularly can also prevent inflammation and eye irritation.

  • Increase Metabolism

  • Spinach contains protein that functions to smooth digestion and increase the body's metabolism. In addition, inserting spinach in the daily diet will also make the stomach stay full for a longer period of time.

Thus, a little explanation about the importance of consuming spinach to maintain a healthy body.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2 The Benefits of Salmon for Health

Some time ago, one of my colleagues at office gave a little story to me. When he was going home from work, he planned to buy Salmon for his son at home. He said the Salmon is very good for the growth of children (especially for children which have age under 1 year). Salmon can give more nutrients which is needed for the baby's development. But on the other hand, actually for me who already have two children, so far I have never give salmon to my children. Actually, for me this is something new and it will be new knowledge for me. After I search information about Salmon on Internet, the fact that it turns out Salmon is very beneficial for children's health. Because this information is valuable, then I will write it on my blog.

the benefits of salmon for health

After I searched for information from various sources, Salmon is a type of fish that has a great reputation in the world of health and fitness. Salmon is part of a family of fatty fish, such as herring, mackerel, and sardines. During this time, Salmon is famous for its meat that has great benefits for heart health, and its role in helping weight loss. In addition to its amazing benefits for health, this Salmon fish also has a very delicious flavor. Want to know the various recipes from Salmon fish dishes?

Variations of Salmon Fish Dishes

  • Salmon Miso Soup
  • salmon miso soup

    How to make it is mix Miso pasta into the water then cook until the water boils. Enter the salmon meat which has been cut into small pieces and mushrooms enoki. Cook until well done. Final step, enter the seaweed then cook it until well done. Try tasting it. If it is tasty, it can be lifted and served.

  • Salmon Teriyaki
  • salmon for health but also delicious

    In order to make Salmon Teriyaki is quite easy. First, cut the salmon into smaller pieces. In a separate bowl, add soy sauce, lime juice, and sugar. Put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Prepare broiler pan, please spread with vegetable oil, heat with a small fire only. Cook the salmon pieces for 1-2 minutes. Do not forget to turn it over in order to mature evenly. Once cooked, teriyaki salmon can be enjoyed with warm white rice.

  • Salmon Satay
  • benefit of sate salmon for health

    For the ingredients, prepare the salmon fillet cut into strips, 5 pieces of spring onion, take the white part then cut into pieces. For sauce, prepare 3 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce, one tablespoon of oyster sauce, one tablespoon of tomato sauce, one mashed garlic clove, one teaspoon of brown sugar, and salt to taste. For how to make it, mix all the sauce, soak salmon pieces into this sauce. Paste this salmon into a satay puncture. Bake until cooked.

Here are Benefits Salmon for Health

  • Rich in Amino Acids.
  • Recent research revealed that salmon is rich in amino acids. The function of these nutrients is to maintain joint health, maximize the function of insulin, and prevent inflammation of the digestive tract.

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Referring to the book Healing Foods published by DK Publishing, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid. Combination with abundant selenium, and omega 3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure.

  • Reducing Weight
  • Salmon is one of the foods with a very large proportion of protein. Thus, the large amount of protein makes salmon become one of the best friends to lose weight in a healthy way. Salmon has fewer saturated fat than most red meat.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of Salmon make it one of the most favored foods in the world of health. Salmon is also known to be a low-fat pro-inflammatory omega 6 fatty acid found in many "modern" foods. Inflammation or also known as inflammation, is the body's efforts for self-protection. The goal is to eliminate harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens, and begin the healing process.

With the benefits of salmon as mentioned above, it is no wonder if salmon became a favorite as one of the healthy foods. Wanna try?

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