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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 Benefits of Mango Leaves

There are several types of leaves around us which are beneficial for our health. For example, mango leaves. Mango leaf has been proved has many benefits as antimicrobial, antioxidant, helping cure diabetes, and also could prevent cancer. The benefits of mango leaf not only in curing diabetes but also for vascular problems and eye complaints. But surely there are only a few people who know about this fact.

This disease is known as vascular disease due to diabetes. In fact, a definite improvement observed in diabetes is mainly due to the effect of healing compounds leaves the blood vessels in and around the pancreas. A tea made from the leaves of the mango (please choose young leave) is also good in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and hypertension. the way is, simply by soaking the leaves of mango in a cup of water overnight. After that, drain the leaves out and drink the water. You can also add it with honey. This helps to relieve the symptoms of diabetes.

Mango Leaves

Mango leaves containing organic compounds tarakserol-3beta and ethyl acetate extract synergism with insulin activates GLUT4, and stimulates the synthesis of glycogen, so it can reduce the symptoms of hyperglycemia. Mango leaves can also be used to treat diarrhea, fever, insomnia and hypertension. Jamaica is known to use herbal medicines are cheaper and most of the trees that grow around us. 1 cup each day with 2 tablespoons guava, mango or papaya juice would be ideal to strengthen fragile blood vessels and varicose veins. Mango leaves can also be used to lower high blood pressure. He is also able to treat anxiety in individuals. Two to three cups of tea can be added to bath water and used as a herbal bath to refresh your spirit and cool. Efficacy Leaf Mango to overcome veins, by brewing a young mango leaves in a glass as brewing tea. Very soon the hot water it changes color to brown, then add a little white sugar. Then drink the infusion of young mango leaves.

Mango Leaves Tea

Mango leaves can also be used to treat cough. Especially whooping cough and also useful for asthma, bronchitis and colds. Therefore, a good tool in any respiratory conditions. Benefits of Mango leaves also make an excellent herbal mouthwash for gum problems. This will reduce the pain and bring relief to the mouth.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

0 Benefits of Betel Leaves for Eye

In general, the traditional medicines are usually use the materials derived from the nature. One example of a traditional medicine is a betel leaf. This betel leaf is especially used to cure sore eyes. Betel leaf can also be categorized as an herbal remedy, because the manufacturing process of these drugs do not use chemical material. This makes many people very interested on this kind of medicine.

Betel leaf only use pure ingredients from nature. Efficacy of betel leaf is widely known and has been clinically tested. Until now, researches about this plant are still being developed. Betel leaf is also useful for treating various of diseases. Let's take a look to its more explanation.

Betel Leaves for Health

Betel is a medicinal plant which is very beneficial. It contain an antiseptic substance in its all parts. Betel leaves are widely used to treat nosebleeds, red eye, discharge, and much more, including erectile dysfunction.

Betel leaf is commonly used by some people to overcome red eye, due to this deseases has contagious nature. Hence, not surprising if there is one of the family member affected, then all other family members also will get affected. Therefore, if you get affected, please immediately treat your sore eyes in order not to affect others.

Betel leaf is also very effective to make to cope with watery eyes, itching, and burning.

So, that are the brief explanation of betel leaf. I hope this article could be of any use.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

0 Benefit of Red Beans

Red bean is one type of bean which become one of the most delicious beans besides green bean. Red bean commonly consumed when it has become dried bean. In Indonesia, dried red bean usually cooked into porridge. Sometimes be an ingredient of soup or mixed vegetable and rice. Red bean is also often cooked into a sweet jam is used as a filler such as steamed some cakes, moon cakes, cakes mochi, dorayaki cakes, donuts content, and others.

But, do you know that red bean has many benefits, especially for our body? It turns out that red bean has B vitamins (especially folic acid and vitamin B1), calcium, phosphorus, iron, and protein.

Every 100 grams of dried red bean that have been boiled can provide 19% of protein. Red bean is an excellent source of fiber as well. Every 100 grams of dried red bean can provide about 4 grams of fiber, which consists of a mixture of soluble fiber and water-insoluble. Soluble fiber can significantly lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

benefit of red beans
Red Bean

Red beans can prevent bad cholesterol and improving digestion (anti constipation). In addition, red beans can help the maturation of red blood cells, helps the synthesis of DNA and RNA, as well as lower levels of homocysteine ​​in the arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine confirms that eating high-fiber foods, such as beans, can help to prevent heart disease. Nearly 10,000 Americans participated in this study which conducted over 19 years. People who habitually consume 21 grams of fiber each day, can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 12% and 11% of coronary heart disease compared to those who consumed 5 grams of fiber every day.

Thiamine contained on red beans is a good agent to help the enzymatic reaction center of energy production and brain cells. Because thiamine is required for the synthesis of the hormone acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential for memory. Thiamine deficiency to be a significant factor in the decline of mental function (senility) and Alzheimer's disease causes.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

2 Benefit of Soursop Leaves

There are so a lot of plants which are located around us, but unfortunately sometimes we do not know and aware the benefits from those plants. There is one fruit which is quite delicious, the name of that fruit is Soursop. It has white flesh and fibrous texture. A lot of people love this fruit because of its sweetness as well as soft texture. it turns out that there is one part of it which is very beneficial to our health.

Out there, there are so many experts did some research to uncover the truth of the efficacy of soursop leaves for health. From the research conducted, it was found that soursop leaves contain a variety of compounds including protein, fructose, fat, calcium, vitamins A and B. Those compounds have many benefit for health.

benefit of soursop

Soursop is a unique fruit. Outer skin like a Durian, but the texture is a little bit mushy. It has green skin, green flesh, and black seeds. Seeds of Soursop is a little bit similar to Apple, but little bit greater. Soursop has a pretty varied taste, like the sweet and sour taste. Usually, the fruit is widely used for juice. However, if you want to make juice, it takes diligence and patience in removing the seeds from its flesh.

Soursop plants itself actually comes from the Caribbean islands (the United States). That plants entered Indonesia through the colonial (Dutch East Indies) in the 19th century. These plants can be grown almost anywhere, but it would be best if grown in the ground water.

Soursop name is taken from the word 'zuurzak' (Dutch), but the Indonesian always called it with 'Sirsak'. Usually the peoples consume Soursop's flesh, but it turn out that the leaves also can be used to treat gout.

In the years before '70, the scientists had studied in proving efficacious of soursop extract which is better than chemotherapy. Even some research open the fact that soursop leaf extract can slow cancer growth. The National Cancer Institute has conducted scientific research in 1976 and its results stated that the stems and leaves of the soursop effectively attack and destroy cancer cells. Extract of the soursop tree is also believed to increase the body's energy, protect the immune system, can also prevent deadly infections.

A study at Purdue University shows that the Graviola leaves (soursop leaves) can kill cancer cells effectively, particularly cancer cells like prostate, pancreas, and lungs.

Quoting from Prof. Dr. Made Astawan, Lecturer Department of Food Technology and Nutrition from IPB that Soursop has many benefits. It contains substances that can ward off gout, hypertension, osteoporosis, and can also create agelessly. The other benefits are to increase endurance, healing hemorrhoids, and improving the digestion of food.

In addition to treating cancer, it turns out that soursop leaves can also be used to lower uric acid levels.

benefit of graviola
Soursop Tree

If you have rheumatic diseases, please do not have to worry anymore, because soursop leaves can also be used to cure that disease. Let us take a few leaves of the soursop then mash it until smooth. Then, stick it on the part of your body which is affected.

Limit of normal sugar levels is in the range of 70 mg to 120 mg / dL. Soursop leave is believed to reduce and stabilize blood sugar levels into the normal range. Therefore, the experts reported that soursop leaf is very good for diabetics. As we discussed earlier, soursop leaf contains various important compound needed by the body. However, from a number of studies, the new compounds are also be found in the Annonaceae acetogenin that benefits for cancer patients.

For Prevention

For prevention, it is advisable to drink Soursop juice often. And for the healing purpose, you can boil 10 pieces of old soursop leaves (dark green) into 3 cups boiling water. Leave it until evaporated and make it only has 1 cup left. Please drink that 1 cup of water two times each day. After drinking, the body will feel the effects of heat, similar to the effects of chemotherapy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

0 Turmeric Cultivation : Processing of Growing Medium

Some days ago, we had discussed the turmeric plant seeding process. So, at this time I would like to discuss how the processing of growing medium on turmeric crops. The things that must be considered in the processing of growing medium of Turmeric crops are land preparation, land clearing, seedbeds establishment, and fertilizing. These stages must be considered and should be implemented properly before ready to plant in order to get the optimum results.

Turmeric Cultivation

Here are several stages should be prepared and implemented in Turmeric cultivation :
  • Land Preparation
  • Planting location can be either dry land, estate, or a yard. Preparation of land for turmeric crop should be

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 The Benefits of Mint

Mint leaves or scientifically known as Mentha piperita is a herb which is very famous all over the world. These plants are usually grown in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America. This plant is suitable for use as a mint leaf, especially as a food, beverages, toothpaste, chewing gum, and candy.

In addition to extra flavor for food and drink, this type of plants also commonly used as a mixture of various dishes, such as fruit salad. Maybe we all know this, that a lot of mint are widely used to freshen breath. But many does not know, that the mint leaves are also beneficial for health.

benefit of mint leaf
Mint Leaf for Health

In fact, consume a mint is very good for our body, especially for  body's digestive system. The aroma of Mint can activatethe salivary glands and digestive enzymes in our body., In western countries, mint leaves used as appetizers. Mint leaves can also be used to treat indigestion stomach. When we feel abdominal pain, we can ease it by drinking a cup of Mint tea.

Drinking herbal tea made from Mint, can reduce irritable bowel syndrome, and also clean a stomach. Strong scent of mint also provide benefits to the respiratory system and can be used to treat various respiratory disorders. It is very effective as a decongestant for nose, throat, bronchi and lungs. It also can treating respiratory disorders such as asthma and cough. Mint flavor which is very fresh, making it ideal to relieve the unpleasant breath odor. Mint tea which made ​​from fresh or dried mint leaves, effectively get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath. 

benefit of mint
Mint Leaf

The aroma of Mint is also useful to cure nausea and headaches. Menthol oil which derived from mint leaves is widely used by people who often travel far to prevent nausea. That aroma is very refreshing. The smell of menthol can help open up the respiratory tract because it contains anti-inflammatory.

A study in 1997, published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing shows the effect of mint as an anti-nausea medication post-surgery. Mint leaves can also be used for skin care. Mint juice is great when used as a face mask. In addition to smoothing the skin, Mint also can be used to resolve infections, rashes, and acne.

One thing that you should need to know, Mint can also cope with mosquito bites. Beside of that, mint leaves can also assist in losing weight. This is because Mint leaves can stimulate the digestion of fat. We can chop the Mint leaves and add them to a foods such as scrambled eggs or tea as well.
Mint Tea

A study from Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found that the smell of Mint or Peppermint leaves in a relaxed moment is not only be able to make the mind calm, but also help reduce the appetite. This study involves a number of participants who were asked to inhale or smell the scent fresh Mint leaves every two hours.

From this study also showed that those who smelled of Mint can reduce your calorie intake to 23% of the ordinary. This is of course very helpful for those who maintain eating patterns. By smelling of Mint leaves on a regular basis within two hours can stimulate the brain to suppress appetite.

Hopefully this article can be useful.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

0 The Benefits of Lime

Lime or Citrus aurantifolia has been known since long time ago as a plant which has rich in benefits. Although the fruit has taste a little bitter, sour and slightly cold, but it's benefits are extremely diverse.

Lime juice can be used as a flavoring food, drink, refreshment. Lime also can be used as material for citric acid. It also can remove rust from metal. Not only for a logam, but also for human dirty skin. Beside that, it can also be used for mixture of herbs.

Lime is belong to herbaceous plant species, which has many branches and twigs. It has woody trunk resilient. Outer surface of it's skin is old and has dull color.

Lime contains chemical elements compounds which are useful for our health. For example: limonene, linalyn acetate, acetic geraniol, phellandrene and sitral. 
100 grams of lime juice contains :
  • 27 milligrams of vitamin C,
  • 40 milligrams of calcium,
  • phosphorus 22 mg,
  • 12.4 grams carbohydrate,
  • 0.04 milligrams of vitamin B 1,
  • 0.6 milligrams of iron,
  • the fat 0.1 gram,
  • calories 37 grams,
  • 0.8 grams protein,
  • 86 grams of water.

Lime contains elements of chemical compounds such as limonene, linalin acetate, acetic geranil, fellandren, sitral and citric acid. Here are some benefits could we get from consuming a Lime :
  • Treating Tonsil
    Ingredients : 1 pc of Lime, one half of thumb of grated turmeric and 2 tablespoons of honey.
    How to make : 1 pc of Lime extorted to be taken its water, turmeric grated and squeezed to take water, then mixed with honey plus 0.5 cup of water, stirring until evenly distributed, and then filtered.
    How to use : drink it once every two day regularly.

  • Malaria.
    Ingredients : 1 Lime juice, 1 tablespoon Soy Sauce, salt to taste.;
    How to make : 1 pc of Lime extorted to be taken its water, then mix it with other material and filtered.
    How to use : Drink each morning before breakfast.

  • Influenza.
    Ingredients : 1 Lime juice, 0.5 tablespoon of eucalyptus oil, betel leaf sufficiently.
    How to make : 1 pc of Lime extorted to be baked for a moment and take water, then mixed with other ingredients and stir it until evenly distributed, and filtered.
    How to use : drink once per day regularly.

  • Constipation.
    Ingredients : 1 lime juice, 2-4 spring onions, 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil, acid fruit to taste, 2 tablespoons of cooking water.
    How to make : 1 pcs of Lime extorted to take its water, then mixed with another ingredients and mash together.
    How to use : apply it to whole of body, especially around the abdomen.

  • Dysentery.
    Ingredients : 2 slices root of Lime.
    Method : boil with 2.5 cups of water, then filtered.
    How to use : drink it one per day. 

benefit of lime
Lime leaves

Actually there are many other benefits of Lime, for example for the beauty and facial treatments. But I will discuss it in subsequent posts of this blog. Hopefully useful.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 Turmeric Cultivation : Seeding Process

After in the previous post I have discussed about the efficacy of turmeric plants for our health, then now I want to discuss how to do a Turmeric cultivation.

As we know, there are a lot of benefit that we could take from this herbal plants, that's why there are so many people out there trying to cultivate it. With this effort, beside it can give  so many benefit to a peoples, it can also can be used for a cottage industry.

Turmeric Plant

Turmeric cultivation is not that easy after all, but in the other hand - it cannot say too difficult. But, we should have a knowledge how to cultivate the Turmeric. If we have that things, the results obtained can be maximized. 

In recent years, there are some countries has started to cultivate these plants. Those countries are Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, China, Haiti, and Jamaica. In Indonesia, turmeric cultivation centers located in Central Java with the production capacity is nearly 12 323 kg / ha. Whereas in other countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Haiti and Jamaica, production reach 15 tons / ha.

Turmeric plant can grow well in areas which has full intensity of light or moderate. It can be said that this crop can grow very well in open places. The best growth is achieved in regions with rainfall 1000-4000 mm / year. When it planted in the area of rainfall < 1000 mm / year, the irrigation system must be arranged and organized well. 

For your information, these plants can be cultivated throughout the year. The best time to grow is in the beginning of the rainy season. The temperature range approximately 19-30 C.

turmeric cultivation
Turmeric Cultivation

Turmeric could grow well if planted in loose soil. Type of soil needed is a land with a high organic matter or sandy loam soil with a little puddle of water. For altitude, turmeric should be planted in the lowlands.

The following are step-by-step how to cultivate the turmeric :

Choosing the Seeds 

Good turmeric seeds comes from the rhizome, because it is easier to grow.

In order to grow the Turmeric very well, we should know what are the requirement of good seeds :

  • Derived from plants which grow fast, fresh, healthy, and green leafy.
  • Coming from rhizomes that have been aged more than 7-12 months.
  • Shapes, sizes, and colors should be uniforms.
  • Have adequate moisture.
  • Seed has undergone enough a period of rest (dormancy).
  • Avoid foreign material (seeds of other plants, bark, and gravel).

Preparation of Seeds 

Rhizome seed material is cut to gain size and weight which uniform, as well as to estimate the number of eyes shoots. Cutting marks is closed with kitchen ash or husk. Soak the cut Rhizome with a fungicide solution (Benlate and agrymicin) to avoid fungal growth. Each piece has a maximum rhizome 1-3 buds, weighing between 20-30 grams and length of 3-7 cm.

Seeds Seeding Technique 

Growing of Turmeric rhizome bud can be done by giving an air into the rhizomes in the shade, or moisturize it for 1 - 1.5 months with a watering 2 times a day (in the morning and afternoon). Seedlings grow well if kept at room temperature (25-28 0 C). Besides that, it can also be done by placing the rhizome between the hay and soaked in a solution of atonic (1 cc/1.5 liter) and a solution of G-3 (500-700 ppm). Rhizome that will be soaked, should be dried first at 35 Celcius Degree for 42 hours.

Displacement the Seed 

Seedlings which had been prepared and placed in the seedbed places, the rhizomes will grow shoots at the age of 1-1.5 months. After the shoots grow 2-3 cm, the rhizomes can be planted on open land already. Displacement seed which has sprouted, should be done very carefully in order not damaged. During transfer, the germinate seeds should not be stacked.

Hopefully this article useful.

Monday, July 30, 2012

0 Natural Herb : Benefit of Turmeric for Health

To obtain a healthy body condition, humans need a healthy food intake and has highly nutritious. In addition, we also should maintain our condition by exercise our body diligently to keep it fit and healthy. However, the name of disease, sometimes it still could have attack our bodies when the condition of the body and mind are not well. Now, people start to realize eating foods which are safe for our body and also give many nutritious to our body.

Many people now prefer to consume herbs to maintain health. Because they think that herb is not have any side effects for our bodies. One of the herbal medicines are quite frequently encountered in the environment around our home is the turmeric plant. Turmeric (which has latin name : Curcuma Longa) is a herbaceous plant which has a rhizome. This plant come from ginger family (Zingiberaceae). The plant which is originated from tropical South Asia, require a temperature of 20 ° C to 30 ° C. It also need climate condition (like routine rainfall) in order to grow normal.

benefit of turmeric
Turmeric for Health

If we read many references, turmeric is a medicinal plant in the form of bush. This plant grew annually. It fit growing in the tropics areas. This plant is widely cultivated in South Asia especially in India, South China, Taiwan, Indonesia (Java), and Philippines. Turmeric has a base end and the pointed leaves, and leaves a flat edge. Outer skin of the rhizome has a brownish orange color. The flesh, has yellowish orange red color.

Many studies have found that the turmeric has many benefits for human life. So that is why we should learn to know more about this herbs. Besides being used as an ingredient of traditional medicine, turmeric is also used as industrial raw material for herbs and cosmetic. Turmeric can also be used as a spice in cooking and also for breeding.

Many people believe that adding the spice turmeric into the cuisine can make the one who consume it will has a lower risk of cancer. One example of food which use turmeric as ingredient is curry. Yellow pigment contained in turmeric (coded E100) could be used to protect food against sun damage. Turmeric can also be used to give color to cheese, yogurt, butter, and margarine.

turmeric leaves
Turmeric Leaves
Chemical compounds contained in turmeric is curcumin (a type of polyphenol compounds) and volatile oil. Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric. In 2004, study at the University of California showed that curcumin can inhibit the accumulation of compounds beta amyloid that could destroy the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients. 

In our daily life, here are some benefits of turmeric for our health :
  1. Turmeric is widely used as a medicinal herb. This is because he has efficacy : cooling, cleaning, drying, relieves itching. Turmeric also could heal tingling. 
  2. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. 
  3. Turmeric can slow the spread and growth of tumor. 
  4. Turmeric can expedite the digestive system. 
  5. Can prevent cancer. 
  6. Relieve symptoms of arthritis. 
  7. Helps heal wounds. 
  8. Helps heal skin diseases such as scab and itch. 

You may believe it or not, but that is several references from various sources that I found. Hopefully this article could be useful for you.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

0 Nature Herb : Temulawak

We may often hear the term of herbal, but we probably have not really explore what are the benefits of herbs for our health. Actually, it's very easy to found many herbal plants around us. Even, many people make it as a medicinal plant for their family. They are plant and cultivate it in around of their house. For us as laymen, herbal medicine may be less popular compared with chemical drugs.

In addition, the herb also has no side effects to the health of our bodies, unlike chemical drugs. However, the efficacy of herbs will be more felt for long time use. As this time, I will try to discuss one of the herbal medicine which is very useful for our health. That herbal is Temu lawak.

what is Temulawak

Temulawak plant is an herb that comes from Indonesia, exactly on the island of Java. Derived from the species 'Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb' of the ginger family. Nowdays, in addition to Indonesia, temulawak also has been cultivated in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Barbados, India, Japan, Korea, the United States and some countries in Europe.

Temulawak can be grown in the lowlands to the highlands with an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. Temulawak has long known as a medicinal herb. It has Distinctive aroma and the color is pungent and yellowish. In addition to treatment, the efficacy of Temulawak is also used as raw material for cosmetics as well as food and beverage dyes which are safe.

Temulawak Herbal Drink

Temulawak has several chemical compounds which include fellandrean and turmerol. Turmerol also often called as oil evaporate. Then it also include essential oils, camphor, glucoside, foluymetik carbinol. Curcumin found in the rhizome of this plant is useful as acnevulgaris, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti toxic bile.

Beside has many benefits for health, Temulawak also can be used for beauty. Here are some benefits of temulawak for beauty :

For beauty, prepare 2 fingers of fresh temulawak, and boil it. Another way, pour the dried rhizome with hot water. For external use, wash the roots thoroughly, then grate it. The results of it, can be used as a mask to treat acne and black spots.

And here are several diseases can be curable with temulawak :
Back pain, Asthma, Headache; Cold, Sick spleen, ulcer, abdominal pain, milk production, kidney pain, appetite; Constipation, Thrush, Acne, Chicken pox.
  • Back pain.
    Ingredients : 1 rhizome of temulawak, turmeric 1 of thumb, 1 handheld leaf cat's whiskers.
    How to make : all ingredients are boiled with 1 liter of water, and filtered.
    How to use : drink 1 glass of it per day.

  • Asthma.
    Ingredients : 1,5 rhizome of temulawak, a piece of palm sugar.
    How to make : thinly sliced ​​temulawak and dried. After dry, boiled with 5 cups water plus 1 piece palm sugar to boil down to 3 cups, and then filtered.

  • Headaches and colds.
    Ingredients : some temulawak rhizome.
    How to use: slice ​​temulawak thinly, dry it, crush and refine it into flour. Approximately 2 handfuls of flour Temulawak boil with 4-5 glasses of water to boil down to three glass, and then filter.

  • Sick spleen.
    Ingredients : 2 rhizome of temulawak, 1/2 rhizome galangal, one handheld of meniran leaves.
    How to make : grate temulawak and galangal, then all ingredients are boiled with 1 liter of water, and filter it.
    How to use : drink one cup per day.

  • Ulcer.
    Ingredients : 1 temulawak rhizome.
    How to make : slice temulawak and give an air for a moment, and then boil it with 5-7 cups of water, and filter it.
    How to use : drink one glass per day.

  • Abdominal pain.
    Ingredients : 1 rhizome of temulawak, 3 eye fruit acids, 1 piece palm sugar, salt to taste.
    How to make : grate temulawak, then boiled with other ingredients with 3-4 cups water to boil down to 2 cups.
    How to use : drink 1 cup 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

  • Constipation.
    Ingredients : 1 rhizome of temulawak and mustard to taste.
    How to make : the ingredients are pounded into powder, then brewed with enough hot water and filtered.
    How to use : drinked ordinary.

Currently, there are many a home industry and even a large companies which start to manufacture herb of Temulawak in shape like tablet or powder form. If using Temulawak water extract (not boiled or brewed with hot water), precipitate first so that the flour are not involved to drink. Because of the raw starch can interfere with kidney function.

Flour of temulawak can be eaten after being processed. The trick is grated temulawak, then squeeze and precipitate it. Discard the water several times until the smell and yellow color disappeared, then dry in the sun. Finally, temulawak powder ready for use.

Monday, July 23, 2012

2 Improve SEO with Unique Content

Every blogger surely want his blog visited by many readers. Indeed, it is a very human desire. Every blogger who writes any topic in the blog, would be very happy if their article read by many readers. We should know that blogging activity is not just about writing, but rather more to the concept of sharing. When our writing in our blog is read by others, then the concept of sharing has already fulfilled. But in reality, many bloggers who write on their blog just to satisfy his own taste. They do not pay attention how to know the tastes of readers. In my opinion, sharing is the most important thing about the concept of blogging.

Improve SEO with Unique Content

Content Quality

Once we understand the true concept of blogging, then we can learn how to increase our blog traffic. If the traffic of many visitors leads into our blog, then it means the possibility of our articles readable by many people will be even greater.

One of the ways to increase our blog traffic is by understanding what is called 'Search Engine Optimization' or SEO. There are so many things to be considered and need to be implemented to increase a traffic of blog using SEO technique. But, in this article, I want to discuss more about the most important thing and fundamental in SEO concepts. I will discuss about the content quality. Many blogging master said that the most important concept of SEO is making our writing has unique content. Then, the next question is how to create a unique content?

Unique Content is a King

For me, the writing should have the unique content. Unique content is the core of writing. Article which has a unique content is an article that comes from the heart. Not the result plagiarize from other people. Unique article is an article which written with a strong will and original. Writings like that will result a superb energy. Energy which hopefully can influence the reader. Writings like that will also have character. this character will be the selling point of an article.

improve SEO with unique content

By creating good quality of article, then actually we are already implementing one of the most important SEO concepts. Because in the concept of SEO, 'content is a king'. So, surely we can improve SEO by making unique content. Do yo agree with this?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

0 Asian Football : Indonesia Defeat

Last night, Indonesian ​​public had to swallow a bitter pill after knowing the fact that their football national team has defeat from Japan in Asian Cup football qualifying age under 22. Here, we can see that the quality of Indonesia's national team is still far behind Japan football national team. Japan tim has showed very impressive games. They continue outperform the Indonesian game in all line. Japan make Indonesian player helpless. Indonesian players were not able to develop the game.

When the ball is dominated by players of Indonesia, Japanese players immediately held a fairly stringent safeguards. This causes the player of Indonesia often lose the ball. The average quality of individual players of japan team are also very good. Its very reasonable if Indonesia team should be defeat with Japan. We must admit it.

AFC U22 Asian Cup 2013

Actually, a couple of times Indonesian player can hit the Japan defense. But again, the attacker from Indonesia were not able to make any single goal into Japan's net. The only goal which created by Indonesia was a penalty kick. That penalty kick was resulting from a Japanese defender player who touched the ball in the penalty area.

Of course, this is will became homework for Indonesian football if we want our football can go to the world class stage. Be the one of team who could qualify in world cup is always become our dream. But, do not be too much dreaming of playing in the World Cup, when in Asian Cup level, we are not able to qualify.

I saw from the games showed by Indonesian team yesterday, still relies on agility of Andik Firmansyah. Unfortunately, right now there is no player who can set the ball in midfield. I can not see a midfield player who can play as good as Egy Melgiansyah. Even so, the team actually is already showed a quite good games, but the mental qualities which is need to be improved. I hope in the next game, Indonesia will able to overcome the Singapore national team in the last game.

The following is a table of Asian Cup Qualification standings under the age of 22 years, Japan leads with 12 points from four wins.

Japan 4 4 0 0 12
Australia 4 3 1 0 10
Singapura 4 2 1 1 7
Indonesia 4 2 0 2 6
Timor Leste 4 0 0 4 0
Makau 4 0 0 4 0

Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Why We Must Write?

In the language skills, at least there are four skills which should be mastered. Those are speaking, listening, reading and writing. Hearing and reading more often said to be a passive ability, while speaking and writing more to be said as active ability. It can be said as active ability because that ability not only be used for themselves, but also intended to other people. This active capability, making anything should have been through from process of thinking. Because if not, then whatever is produced, will not be much any effect to others.

Make writing as our habits

At this moment, I will focus on discussing about writing skill. These active language skills is quite unique. Writing can be regarded as the heart expression through unvoiced verbal. But out there, there are many people are bit lazy to write, they prefer doing some activity like watching television or maybe reading a book. But in fact, we should realize that the spirit of writing is something which is very close related to thinking process.
"Many people prefer reading than writing, because he was too lazy to think". G.C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799, German writer).

For us who love in reading activity, then we should say many thanks to the authors who have contributed with their precious time and energy in making good book to increase our knowledge. Actually I'm not a professional writer, I'm just blogger who likes to write. But right now, I will explain the reason why we should write. I hope it can give much spirit for you to write.

The following are some reasons why we should write :
1. Be Smarter.
We should understand that knowledge we have right now, actually is stored in the memory into specific location in our head. When it is needed, sometimes is hard to access it especially when we are on the panic situation. One way to keep the knowledge alive, is by write it down. Then that knowledge will be survive in our head.

2. Knowledge and Science are Moving Around.

It can be said that knowledge and science are like a little child who like running around. They move here and there. That is very dynamic. So it is normal if it hard to catch them. So the right way to tie the knowledge is by write it.

3. Able to think more systematically.
If you want to write, you need to write your idea into the writing systematically. If not, then your writing will be hard to be understand.  

4. Controlling Emotions.
 By doing writing, it could help to control emotion. You can not write in a hurry. You need time to assemble ideas which exist in the brain, into writings which are easily understood by readers. The idea in the brain is random. You need to arrange it into a good sentence and nice paragraph. That takes time. By doing that, you will learn to control emotions.

5. Expressions of Empathy and Defense.
If we want to do a defense, then it doesn't have to speak out. We don't have to talk. We can defend using writing. Especially if our writing is read by thousands of people, the effect can be very extraordinary. We can influence many people.

Just write your sympathy to the person you want to sympathize with.

6. Have many friends.
With writing, we will have many friend. Because with our writing, many people will know us. They know about us based on our writing. 

7. Increase the Coffers of Revenue.

Many bloggers and writer able to get much money from writing.

Probably there are many more reasons why we should write. Hopefully the above reasons make us have a high motivation to write and blogging.

Friday, July 6, 2012

0 Write with Brave

One time, I was told by someone that an author or a blogger is a brave person. I need to digg more about what he was talking about. I'm curious why an author or blogger can be called as a brave person. We should know the fact that when an author has produced a paper or book, her/his writing was potentially read by millions of people. So that an author should dare to be criticized by many people related to the results of his work. That is why an author is brave people.

Once time, a famous author was giving a seminar about the authorship. At that time, he asked one of audience. "How many writings had already you made?". Seminar participants said that he had a lot of writing, but he never show it into public. So his writing is only for personal consumption (like diary). He was embarrassed when from his writings, people will measure his intelligence from his writing.

So it is very clear that the writer should be a brave person. He should be brave when his writings will received negative responses from the readers. He must be brave if his writings are considered  as a bad writing by a lot of people. And certainly, he should have the courage, if his writing will get a lot of attention from public, and suddenly he become famous people.

It is true that writing is one of medium to measure intelligence an author. Come to think, there is some truth in this sentence. For example, it is my self. When I want to write, I will automatically use all of my knowledge related to the topic. So a reader will easily find out level of intelegency of the author which is related to the topic. And when the author produce a lot of writing, then that is where we can easily measure the intelligence of the author.

For me, people who already write and publish his writings deserve to be called a brave person. Even if it is true that he is not smart enough, I will stay say that he is a brave person. Because not a few people who love to write (already make a lot of writings), but apparently that is only for their personal consumption. Some of them too fear if their writing will be read by someone else and then they will measure the intelligence of author.

I do not know, but for me personally, writing activity is the work of the heart and feelings. Because when the heart and the feel are talking, then there is no longer the term of intelligent and unintelligent. So, please don't afraid, just write it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

0 How to Find Writing Ideas

When we talk about blogging, then it will be very closely related to activity of writing. We know that writing is the fundamental spirit of blogging. Of course, that is the writing which readable and provide insight and information to a reader, not the writing which is messy and tend not easy to understand. When we are blogging, it is like when we have a shop. Certainly, we will present the best products to be shown in that shop. Then we wait for potential buyers to see our product. Whether the goods we are presenting, will make the buyers interested in buying or not. In blogging, the product is a writing.

One of the way or solution to make an interesting writing is to find an good and interesting idea. But, the problem is how do we find an interesting idea? Yes I know that looking for an interesting idea is not as easy as imagined. Let us quote what was ever stated by the number one novelist Indonesia, Habiburrahman El Shirazi.
An idea is like a fish in the sea. Of course, we can not calculate the number of fish in the sea. This means that the amount of fish in the sea is so much. Let us imagine that the writer is like a fishermen. There are two type of fishermen, namely lazy fishermen and creative fishermen. Lazy fishermen often just stay and sit on the beach hoping there are any big fish washed up dead and then bring that big fish to the home. I understand it, this phenomena might have often happened. But how many times this phenomena happend in a year? of course it should be very rare.
Well, in the other side, the creative fishermen are fishermen who use all his effort with different ways to catch a fish. Some of them use nets, fishing line and even some of them form groups of fishermen to get more fish. This parable also applies to the writer. The idea are ​​hanging around everywhere like a fish in the sea. So it all depends on ourselves, are we want to be creative or not.

As already explained by Habiburaman El Shirazi in above, that the idea was wandering everywhere. The daily experiences can be the source of idea to write. Meeting with some people around us can be the source of idea to write. Travelling or vacation is also could become idea of writing. There are so a lot of sources of idea around us which can be writen. 

But not all good ideas can be convert into an interesting writing. The best way is by constantly writing. I'm sure that continuously writing can form our own character in writing activity. The characters which surely would be different with other writers. 

So, wanna try this way?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Nvidia and Google Nexus 7

Yesterday, in my twitter I have read a news from my friend that Asus will release soon a new tablet. That gadget will called Google Nexus 7. With a very low price, this gadget seems will make a lot of people curious. This Google tablets is manufactured by Asus, which will be the first gadget use the latest Android, Jelly Bean. Nexus 7 carrying the Nvidia Tegra chip 3 and use the 1.3 GHz processor. This tablet is scheduled to be release on the market in middle of July.

source picture : androidcommunity.com

What is interesting here is how this tablet uses Nvidia Tegra chip 3. We know that Nvidia is a leading semiconductor / chipset manufacture that started its business since 1993. NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang, in a video released by Stanford University describes how his company can be successful and able to survive until now. Whereas many smart people out there, many people with a lot of money out there, that can make a similar company. But today, we can see that Nvidia still exist and become one of succesfull company in semiconductor business. Also, in 2012 Nvidia's provisional income is about U.S. $ 3,997 billion. Wow, isn't that very incredible income?

Also in that video, Jen-Hsun Huang explained to us, what is make his company can be success like today. Become one of a great semiconductor company in the world is not easy. He implemented a strategy how to make the product in any one year, it can increase the speed twice, and the price can more cheaper twice. This vision is still firmly held by Nvidia from the start until now. In 1993, he said that there were hundreds of semiconductor companies such as Nvidia. But all of them one by one began to fall and shut down his business and moved to other businesses. Nvidia is the only one company that still survive, and was a success in the field of high performance GPU market.

And the interesting to note here is that Nvidia has now move into the mobile computing market, where phones and tablets is powered by Tegra processors. In the future, we will see how Nvidia apply the innovation and creativity in controlling of chipset technological global market. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

0 EURO 2012 : Prediction, Germany vs Italy

Undeniable, two teams which showed good performance in the UERO's tournament this year were Germany and Spain. And according to prediction of many peoples, Spain finally qualified for the finals after beating Portugal on penalty shoot drama last night. Now, Spain just wait who will be his opponent in the final, whether Germany or Italy.

Armed with a victory in all matches at group stage and also playing with a very impressive performance, Germany team may be more favored to win the game against Italy tonight. Coach Jose Mourinho (who has nickname 'the special ones') also said that the two teams who is worthy would meet at the final stage in UERO 2012 are Der Panzer and Matador.

Although Germany would be more favorited to win against Italy, but Azzuri's team can not be underestimated. First game against ​​Spain was a proof that Cesare Prandelli's team is no longer using Catenaccio defense techniques. Attacking style now started to be practiced by Pirlo et al. Compared with the Catenaccio technique, Italy is now show nice performance. Now the style of game of Italy has begun to change. Hopefully tonight, big match between Germany and Italy will present a more quality match.

I personally support the Germany national team to win the game. I hope Germany could repeat the successfully winning UERO's final stage four years ago after beat Spain. Then, what do you think?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

0 Getting The Newest Information is Lifestyle

Today, getting the newest information have already become a lifestyle. Especially if we live in urban areas. Internet is already like a soul in our lives. Only one day we live without internet, it is like we live in the jungle. Is it right? imagine when we live in the jungle, there is no information, there is no online game, there is no television, there is no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram etc. Of course we will feel the world seemed to be so small. Whereas before, if we have a little time to look back, just before discovery of internet, we still could live as usual, right?  Before the discovery of cellular phone, we can still use manual letter instead. That's the miracle of internet.

Information Technology

But, today we live in the information age. Gadgets popping up one after another, it seemed they compete with each other to grab market. Development of technology of this gadget, one of the main goal is to provide information as soon as possible to the user.

Getting newest information is lifestyle
The rapidly development of information technology makes the earth become very close. We can get the information from all around the world just in a few second. Just type it into google everything we want to know, then we will get that information in a second. I think this is the advantage of internet.

Technology, Two Sides of a Coin

But all that thing also have disadvantages. With the rapid spread of information as it is today, people become tend to be more individualistic. Whereas before, we often get information from our friends or our family. But now, we could get all the information from our gadgets in the hand. So with the internet, more people become anti social.

In my mind, I always sure that internet like two side of money. In one side, we get a lot of advantages like information we need. And the other side, we should anticipate all the bad things caused by it. Bad things like pornography, cyber crime, defamation etc. Hopefully, we can interpret correctly all the advances in technology. the advances in technology might be could change our lifestyle, but I hope we can interpret this lifestyle wisely.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

0 Tips to Start Blogging

Since september 2012, I love writing and start made a blog. When the first time I want to start writing into my blog, honestly it's very hard to start it. All an idea in my head suddenly vanish. My fingers could no be able to type any words. There is no any signal from my brain which give command to fingers to write. You know, it is very hard to write at the beginning. Something very reasonable.

Start writing without to much thinking

But don't worry, based on my experiences, there are a few tips for a beginner to start blogging. I hope this tips could be any use for a reader.

1. Find simple idea we want to write. This idea could come from a simple events around us. For example, when we meet with someone who is very funny or when we meet a person who is doing a good thing and it inspire us.  Well, those event could be brilliant idea if we want to convert it into a good article.

2. Read lots of books. Because by reading a book, we will get lots of inspiration to write.

Read a lots of book to get inspiration to write

3. Write all that idea from the head into simple paragraph. Pull out all idea from inside of head, and please don't think too much about the structure of the sentence . Use all of our imagination. In this step, the use of right brain will be more dominant.

4. After all the idea come out, arrange it into readable sentences. In this step, the use of left brain more dominant. Read it several times, until you are sure that the sentence is already correct.

5. Read again the article, make sure you are already satisfied with it. And don't forget, imagine that we are the reader, not the writer. Because when we act as a reader, then we will know more where sentences which are wrong or where idea are wrong. 

Oke that's a few tips for beginner to start bloggingDon't think to much, just write and write. Happy blogging friends!


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