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Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Nvidia and Google Nexus 7

Yesterday, in my twitter I have read a news from my friend that Asus will release soon a new tablet. That gadget will called Google Nexus 7. With a very low price, this gadget seems will make a lot of people curious. This Google tablets is manufactured by Asus, which will be the first gadget use the latest Android, Jelly Bean. Nexus 7 carrying the Nvidia Tegra chip 3 and use the 1.3 GHz processor. This tablet is scheduled to be release on the market in middle of July.

source picture : androidcommunity.com

What is interesting here is how this tablet uses Nvidia Tegra chip 3. We know that Nvidia is a leading semiconductor / chipset manufacture that started its business since 1993. NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang, in a video released by Stanford University describes how his company can be successful and able to survive until now. Whereas many smart people out there, many people with a lot of money out there, that can make a similar company. But today, we can see that Nvidia still exist and become one of succesfull company in semiconductor business. Also, in 2012 Nvidia's provisional income is about U.S. $ 3,997 billion. Wow, isn't that very incredible income?

Also in that video, Jen-Hsun Huang explained to us, what is make his company can be success like today. Become one of a great semiconductor company in the world is not easy. He implemented a strategy how to make the product in any one year, it can increase the speed twice, and the price can more cheaper twice. This vision is still firmly held by Nvidia from the start until now. In 1993, he said that there were hundreds of semiconductor companies such as Nvidia. But all of them one by one began to fall and shut down his business and moved to other businesses. Nvidia is the only one company that still survive, and was a success in the field of high performance GPU market.

And the interesting to note here is that Nvidia has now move into the mobile computing market, where phones and tablets is powered by Tegra processors. In the future, we will see how Nvidia apply the innovation and creativity in controlling of chipset technological global market. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

0 EURO 2012 : Prediction, Germany vs Italy

Undeniable, two teams which showed good performance in the UERO's tournament this year were Germany and Spain. And according to prediction of many peoples, Spain finally qualified for the finals after beating Portugal on penalty shoot drama last night. Now, Spain just wait who will be his opponent in the final, whether Germany or Italy.

Armed with a victory in all matches at group stage and also playing with a very impressive performance, Germany team may be more favored to win the game against Italy tonight. Coach Jose Mourinho (who has nickname 'the special ones') also said that the two teams who is worthy would meet at the final stage in UERO 2012 are Der Panzer and Matador.

Although Germany would be more favorited to win against Italy, but Azzuri's team can not be underestimated. First game against ​​Spain was a proof that Cesare Prandelli's team is no longer using Catenaccio defense techniques. Attacking style now started to be practiced by Pirlo et al. Compared with the Catenaccio technique, Italy is now show nice performance. Now the style of game of Italy has begun to change. Hopefully tonight, big match between Germany and Italy will present a more quality match.

I personally support the Germany national team to win the game. I hope Germany could repeat the successfully winning UERO's final stage four years ago after beat Spain. Then, what do you think?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

0 Getting The Newest Information is Lifestyle

Today, getting the newest information have already become a lifestyle. Especially if we live in urban areas. Internet is already like a soul in our lives. Only one day we live without internet, it is like we live in the jungle. Is it right? imagine when we live in the jungle, there is no information, there is no online game, there is no television, there is no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram etc. Of course we will feel the world seemed to be so small. Whereas before, if we have a little time to look back, just before discovery of internet, we still could live as usual, right?  Before the discovery of cellular phone, we can still use manual letter instead. That's the miracle of internet.

Information Technology

But, today we live in the information age. Gadgets popping up one after another, it seemed they compete with each other to grab market. Development of technology of this gadget, one of the main goal is to provide information as soon as possible to the user.

Getting newest information is lifestyle
The rapidly development of information technology makes the earth become very close. We can get the information from all around the world just in a few second. Just type it into google everything we want to know, then we will get that information in a second. I think this is the advantage of internet.

Technology, Two Sides of a Coin

But all that thing also have disadvantages. With the rapid spread of information as it is today, people become tend to be more individualistic. Whereas before, we often get information from our friends or our family. But now, we could get all the information from our gadgets in the hand. So with the internet, more people become anti social.

In my mind, I always sure that internet like two side of money. In one side, we get a lot of advantages like information we need. And the other side, we should anticipate all the bad things caused by it. Bad things like pornography, cyber crime, defamation etc. Hopefully, we can interpret correctly all the advances in technology. the advances in technology might be could change our lifestyle, but I hope we can interpret this lifestyle wisely.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

0 Tips to Start Blogging

Since september 2012, I love writing and start made a blog. When the first time I want to start writing into my blog, honestly it's very hard to start it. All an idea in my head suddenly vanish. My fingers could no be able to type any words. There is no any signal from my brain which give command to fingers to write. You know, it is very hard to write at the beginning. Something very reasonable.

Start writing without to much thinking

But don't worry, based on my experiences, there are a few tips for a beginner to start blogging. I hope this tips could be any use for a reader.

1. Find simple idea we want to write. This idea could come from a simple events around us. For example, when we meet with someone who is very funny or when we meet a person who is doing a good thing and it inspire us.  Well, those event could be brilliant idea if we want to convert it into a good article.

2. Read lots of books. Because by reading a book, we will get lots of inspiration to write.

Read a lots of book to get inspiration to write

3. Write all that idea from the head into simple paragraph. Pull out all idea from inside of head, and please don't think too much about the structure of the sentence . Use all of our imagination. In this step, the use of right brain will be more dominant.

4. After all the idea come out, arrange it into readable sentences. In this step, the use of left brain more dominant. Read it several times, until you are sure that the sentence is already correct.

5. Read again the article, make sure you are already satisfied with it. And don't forget, imagine that we are the reader, not the writer. Because when we act as a reader, then we will know more where sentences which are wrong or where idea are wrong. 

Oke that's a few tips for beginner to start bloggingDon't think to much, just write and write. Happy blogging friends!


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