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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

0 Getting The Newest Information is Lifestyle

Today, getting the newest information have already become a lifestyle. Especially if we live in urban areas. Internet is already like a soul in our lives. Only one day we live without internet, it is like we live in the jungle. Is it right? imagine when we live in the jungle, there is no information, there is no online game, there is no television, there is no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram etc. Of course we will feel the world seemed to be so small. Whereas before, if we have a little time to look back, just before discovery of internet, we still could live as usual, right?  Before the discovery of cellular phone, we can still use manual letter instead. That's the miracle of internet.

Information Technology

But, today we live in the information age. Gadgets popping up one after another, it seemed they compete with each other to grab market. Development of technology of this gadget, one of the main goal is to provide information as soon as possible to the user.

Getting newest information is lifestyle
The rapidly development of information technology makes the earth become very close. We can get the information from all around the world just in a few second. Just type it into google everything we want to know, then we will get that information in a second. I think this is the advantage of internet.

Technology, Two Sides of a Coin

But all that thing also have disadvantages. With the rapid spread of information as it is today, people become tend to be more individualistic. Whereas before, we often get information from our friends or our family. But now, we could get all the information from our gadgets in the hand. So with the internet, more people become anti social.

In my mind, I always sure that internet like two side of money. In one side, we get a lot of advantages like information we need. And the other side, we should anticipate all the bad things caused by it. Bad things like pornography, cyber crime, defamation etc. Hopefully, we can interpret correctly all the advances in technology. the advances in technology might be could change our lifestyle, but I hope we can interpret this lifestyle wisely.

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