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Welcome to Hanannaqq blog. This blog is will talking about Natural Herbs for Health. I hope this blog will give a much benefit for us. Not only for you, but also for me too ^_^. Because in my opinion, sharing knowledge is the best way to keep my own knowledge remain in my head.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

5 Tips to Start Blogging

Since september 2008, I had been blogging for four year. When the first time I want to start writing into blog, honestly it very hard to start it. All an idea in my head suddenly vanish. My fingers does'nt able to type any words. There is no any signal from brain commanding the fingers to write. Yup.. you know, that's so hard to write at beginning. Something that is very reasonable.

But don't worry, based on my experience there are a few tips for beginner to start blogging. I hope this tips could be any use for reader.

1. Find simple idea we want to write. This idea can come from simple events around us. For example, we meet with someone who is funny. Well.. this event could be brilliant idea for good article.

2. Please write all an idea in the head. Pull out all idea from the head, and please dont think too much about sentence structure. Use all our imagination. In this step, the use of right brain will be more dominant.

3. After all the idea come out, arrange it to be readable sentences. In this step, the use of left brain more dominant.

4. Read again the article, make sure we satisfied with it. And don't forget, imagine that we the reader, not the writer.

Oke that's a few tips for beginner to start bloggingDont think to much.. just write it. Happy blogging friends!!

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