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Welcome to Hanannaqq blog. This blog is will talking about Natural Herbs for Health. I hope this blog will give a much benefit for us. Not only for you, but also for me too ^_^. Because in my opinion, sharing knowledge is the best way to keep my own knowledge remain in my head.

Monday, July 30, 2012

0 Natural Herb : Benefit of Turmeric for Health

To obtain a healthy body condition, humans need a healthy food intake and highly nutritious. In addition, we also should be maintain our condition by exercise diligently to keep fit and healthy. However, the name of disease, sometimes it still could have attacked our bodies when the condition of the body and mind are not well. Now people began to realize to start eating foods that are safe for our bodies. Many people now prefer herbs to maintain health because it is prove not have side effects to our health. One of the herbal medicines are quite frequently encountered in the environment around the home is the turmeric plant. Turmeric (has latin name : Curcuma Longa) is a herbaceous plant which has a rhizome that come from ginger family (Zingiberaceae). This plant originated come from

Saturday, July 28, 2012

0 Nature Herb : Temulawak

We may often hear the term of herbal, but we probably have not really explore what are the benefits of herbs for our health. Actually, it's very easy to found many herbal plants around us. Even, many people make it as a medicinal plant for their family. They cultivate it in around house. For us as laymen, herbal medicine may be less popular comparing with chemical drugs. In addition, the herb also has no side effects to the health of our bodies, unlike chemical drugs. However, the efficacy of herbs will be more felt for long time use. As this time, I will try to discuss one of the

Monday, July 23, 2012

2 Improve SEO with Unique Content

Every blogger surely want his blog visited by many readers. Its a very human desire. Every blogger who writes any topic in the blog, would be happy if their article read by others. We should know that blogging activity is not just about writing, but rather more to the concept of sharing. When our writing in a blog read by others, then the concept of sharing has been fulfilled. But in reality, many bloggers who wrote on their blog, just to satisfy his own taste. They don't pay more attention how to know the tastes of readers. I think, sharing is the most important thing about the concept of blogging.

Once we understand the true concept of blogging, then we learn how to increase our blog traffic. If traffic of many visitors leads to our blog, then it means the possibility of our articles readable by others will be even greater. One of the ways to

Saturday, July 14, 2012

0 Asian Football : Indonesia Defeat

last night, Indonesia ​​team and also all indonesia public had to swallow a bitter pill after defeat from Japan in Asian Cup football qualifying age under 22. Here, we can see that the quality of Indonesia's national team is still far behind Japan. Japan tim showed a good game with very neat and fast games. When the ball is dominated by players Indonesia, Japanese players immediately held a fairly stringent safeguards. This causes the player of Indonesia often lose the ball. The average quality of individual players of japan team are also very good. Its very reasonable if Indonesia team should be defeat.

Actually, a couple of times Indonesian player can hit the Japanese defense. But again, the attacker of Indonesia team were not able to make

Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Why We Must Write?

In the language skills, at least there are four skills which must be mastered. Namely speaking, listening, reading and writing. Hearing and reading more often said to be a passive ability, while speaking and writing more to be said as active ability. It can be said as active ability because that ability not only to be used for themselves, but also intended to other people. This active capability, making anything should have been through from process of thinking. Because if not, then what is produced, will not be much any effect to others.

Make writing as our habits

At this moment, I will focus on talking about writing. These active language skills is quite unique. Writing can be regarded as the heart expression through unvoiced verbal. But there are some people a bit lazy to write, they prefer the reading activity. But in fact, we should know that the spirit of writing is something which is related to thinking process.
"Many people prefer reading than writing, because he was too lazy to think". G.C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799, German writer)

For us who love in reading, then we should say many thanks to the authors who have contributed with their time and energy making good book to increase our knowledge. I'm not a professional writer, I'm just blogger who likes to write. But right now, I will explain the reason why we should write.

The following are some reasons why we should write :
1. Be Smarter.
We shoud understand that knowledge which we have, actually stored in the memory in our head. When it is needed, sometimes is hard to access it especially when we on panic situation. One way to keep the knowledge alive, is by write it down. Then that knowledge will be survive.

2. Knowledge and science are like a little child who running here and there.

Is often hard to catch him. So the right way to tie the knowledge is by write it.

3. Able to think more systematically.

4. Controlling emotions.

5. Expressions of empathy and defense.

6. Have many friends.

7. Increase the coffers of revenue.

Many bloggers able to get much money from writing :) .

Probably there are many more reasons why we should write. Hopefully the above reasons make us have a high motivation to write and blogging.

Friday, July 6, 2012

0 Write with Brave

One time, I was told by someone that an author or a blogger is a brave person. I need to digg more about what he was talking about. I'm curious why an author or blogger can be called as a brave person. We should know the fact that when an author has produced a paper or book, her/his writing was potentially read by millions of people. So that an author should dare to be criticized by many people related to the results of his work. That is why an author is brave people.

Once time, a famous author was giving a seminar about the authorship. At that time, he asked one of audience. "How many writings had already you made?". Seminar participants said that he had a lot of writing, but he never show it into public. So his writing is only for personal consumption (like diary). He was embarrassed when from his writings, people will measure his intelligence from his writing.

So it is very clear that the writer should be a brave person. He should be brave when his writings will received negative responses from the readers. He must be brave if his writings are considered  as a bad writing by a lot of people. And certainly, he should have the courage, if his writing will get a lot of attention from public, and suddenly he become famous people.

It is true that writing is one of medium to measure intelligence an author. Come to think, there is some truth in this sentence. For example, it is my self. When I want to write, I will automatically use all of my knowledge related to the topic. So a reader will easily find out level of intelegency of the author which is related to the topic. And when the author produce a lot of writing, then that is where we can easily measure the intelligence of the author.

For me, people who already write and publish his writings deserve to be called a brave person. Even if it is true that he is not smart enough, I will stay say that he is a brave person. Because not a few people who love to write (already make a lot of writings), but apparently that is only for their personal consumption. Some of them too fear if their writing will be read by someone else and then they will measure the intelligence of author.

I do not know, but for me personally, writing activity is the work of the heart and feelings. Because when the heart and the feel are talking, then there is no longer the term of intelligent and unintelligent. So, please don't afraid, just write it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

0 How to Find Writing Ideas

When we talk about blogging, then it will be very closely related to activity of writing. We know that writing is the fundamental spirit of blogging. Of course, that is the writing which readable and provide insight and information to a reader, not the writing which is messy and tend not easy to understand. When we are blogging, it is like when we have a shop. Certainly, we will present the best products to be shown in that shop. Then we wait for potential buyers to see our product. Whether the goods we are presenting, will make the buyers interested in buying or not. In blogging, the product is a writing.

One of the way or solution to make an interesting writing is to find an good and interesting idea. But, the problem is how do we find an interesting idea? Yes I know that looking for an interesting idea is not as easy as imagined. Let us quote what was ever stated by the number one novelist Indonesia, Habiburrahman El Shirazi.
An idea is like a fish in the sea. Of course, we can not calculate the number of fish in the sea. This means that the amount of fish in the sea is so much. Let us imagine that the writer is like a fishermen. There are two type of fishermen, namely lazy fishermen and creative fishermen. Lazy fishermen often just stay and sit on the beach hoping there are any big fish washed up dead and then bring that big fish to the home. I understand it, this phenomena might have often happened. But how many times this phenomena happend in a year? of course it should be very rare.
Well, in the other side, the creative fishermen are fishermen who use all his effort with different ways to catch a fish. Some of them use nets, fishing line and even some of them form groups of fishermen to get more fish. This parable also applies to the writer. The idea are ​​hanging around everywhere like a fish in the sea. So it all depends on ourselves, are we want to be creative or not.

As already explained by Habiburaman El Shirazi in above, that the idea was wandering everywhere. The daily experiences can be the source of idea to write. Meeting with some people around us can be the source of idea to write. Travelling or vacation is also could become idea of writing. There are so a lot of sources of idea around us which can be writen. 

But not all good ideas can be convert into an interesting writing. The best way is by constantly writing. I'm sure that continuously writing can form our own character in writing activity. The characters which surely would be different with other writers. 

So, wanna try this way?

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