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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

12 How to Find Writing Ideas

When we talk about blogging, then it must be very closely related to the writing. We know that writing it is the spirit of blogging. Off course the writing that readable and provide insight to the reader, not the ones that messy and tend not easy to understand. Blogging is like when we have a shop. We certainly will present the best products in the shop. Then we wait for potential buyers to see whether the goods that we present, will make the buyers interested in buying or not. Yes.. the product is out writing.

The one way to make interesting writing is to find an interesting idea. But the problem is, how do we find an interesting idea? Yes I know that looking for an idea is not as easy as imagined. Okay.. Let us quote what was described by the novelist's number one Indonesia Habiburrahman El Shirazi.
The ideas like a fish in the sea. Of course we can not calculate it's numbers. This means that the amount of fish in the sea is so much. Now the writer is like a fishermen. Fishermen consists of two types namely lazy fishermen and creative fishermen. Lazy fishermen often just sit on the beach hoping there are a big fish washed up dead and then come home and bring the big fish. I understand it, this incident might have happened. But how many times this incident in a year?. It must be very rare.

Well, in the other side, the creative fishermen are fishermen who use all his effort with different ways to catch fish. Some of them use nets, fishing line and even some of them form groups of fishermen. This parable also applies to the writer. The idea of ​​hanging around everywhere like a fish in the sea. All depends on ourselves, we want to be creative or not.

As explained by Habiburaman El Shirazi that the idea was wandering everywhere. Our daily experience is the source of writing ideas. Meet with the people around us can be the idea of writing. Travelling or vacation is also could become idea of the writing. There are so a lot of sources of writing's ideas around us.

But not all good ideas that will yield good writing. The best way is by constantly writing. I'm sure that writing by continuous, it can form our own character in the writing. The characters that surely would be different from other writers.

So, would you want to try?

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