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Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Why We Must Write?

In the language skills, at least there are four skills which should be mastered. Those are speaking, listening, reading and writing. Hearing and reading more often said to be a passive ability, while speaking and writing more to be said as active ability. It can be said as active ability because that ability not only be used for themselves, but also intended to other people. This active capability, making anything should have been through from process of thinking. Because if not, then whatever is produced, will not be much any effect to others.

Make writing as our habits

At this moment, I will focus on discussing about writing skill. These active language skills is quite unique. Writing can be regarded as the heart expression through unvoiced verbal. But out there, there are many people are bit lazy to write, they prefer doing some activity like watching television or maybe reading a book. But in fact, we should realize that the spirit of writing is something which is very close related to thinking process.
"Many people prefer reading than writing, because he was too lazy to think". G.C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799, German writer).

For us who love in reading activity, then we should say many thanks to the authors who have contributed with their precious time and energy in making good book to increase our knowledge. Actually I'm not a professional writer, I'm just blogger who likes to write. But right now, I will explain the reason why we should write. I hope it can give much spirit for you to write.

The following are some reasons why we should write :
1. Be Smarter.
We should understand that knowledge we have right now, actually is stored in the memory into specific location in our head. When it is needed, sometimes is hard to access it especially when we are on the panic situation. One way to keep the knowledge alive, is by write it down. Then that knowledge will be survive in our head.

2. Knowledge and Science are Moving Around.

It can be said that knowledge and science are like a little child who like running around. They move here and there. That is very dynamic. So it is normal if it hard to catch them. So the right way to tie the knowledge is by write it.

3. Able to think more systematically.
If you want to write, you need to write your idea into the writing systematically. If not, then your writing will be hard to be understand.  

4. Controlling Emotions.
 By doing writing, it could help to control emotion. You can not write in a hurry. You need time to assemble ideas which exist in the brain, into writings which are easily understood by readers. The idea in the brain is random. You need to arrange it into a good sentence and nice paragraph. That takes time. By doing that, you will learn to control emotions.

5. Expressions of Empathy and Defense.
If we want to do a defense, then it doesn't have to speak out. We don't have to talk. We can defend using writing. Especially if our writing is read by thousands of people, the effect can be very extraordinary. We can influence many people.

Just write your sympathy to the person you want to sympathize with.

6. Have many friends.
With writing, we will have many friend. Because with our writing, many people will know us. They know about us based on our writing. 

7. Increase the Coffers of Revenue.

Many bloggers and writer able to get much money from writing.

Probably there are many more reasons why we should write. Hopefully the above reasons make us have a high motivation to write and blogging.

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  1. I love to write cause it always makes me glad ^_^

  2. @duniaely : well, writing can be a very enjoyable hobby. Thanks for coming to this blog ^_^.


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