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Friday, July 6, 2012

0 Write with Brave

One time, I was told by someone that an author or a blogger is a brave person. I need to digg more about what he was talking about. I'm curious why an author or blogger can be called as a brave person. We should know the fact that when an author has produced a paper or book, her/his writing was potentially read by millions of people. So that an author should dare to be criticized by many people related to the results of his work. That is why an author is brave people.

Once time, a famous author was giving a seminar about the authorship. At that time, he asked one of audience. "How many writings had already you made?". Seminar participants said that he had a lot of writing, but he never show it into public. So his writing is only for personal consumption (like diary). He was embarrassed when from his writings, people will measure his intelligence from his writing.

So it is very clear that the writer should be a brave person. He should be brave when his writings will received negative responses from the readers. He must be brave if his writings are considered  as a bad writing by a lot of people. And certainly, he should have the courage, if his writing will get a lot of attention from public, and suddenly he become famous people.

It is true that writing is one of medium to measure intelligence an author. Come to think, there is some truth in this sentence. For example, it is my self. When I want to write, I will automatically use all of my knowledge related to the topic. So a reader will easily find out level of intelegency of the author which is related to the topic. And when the author produce a lot of writing, then that is where we can easily measure the intelligence of the author.

For me, people who already write and publish his writings deserve to be called a brave person. Even if it is true that he is not smart enough, I will stay say that he is a brave person. Because not a few people who love to write (already make a lot of writings), but apparently that is only for their personal consumption. Some of them too fear if their writing will be read by someone else and then they will measure the intelligence of author.

I do not know, but for me personally, writing activity is the work of the heart and feelings. Because when the heart and the feel are talking, then there is no longer the term of intelligent and unintelligent. So, please don't afraid, just write it.

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