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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

0 Benefits of Betel Leaves for Eye

In general, traditional medicines use materials derived from nature, one example of a traditional medicine that is betel leaf, especially as a cure sore eyes. Betel leaves can also be categorized as an herbal remedy for the manufacture of these drugs do not use chemicals in memamakai peramuannya or just pure ingredients from nature in the making. Efficacy of betel leaf is widely known and has been clinically tested. Until now, research on this plant are still being developed. Betel leaves are useful for treating various diseases.

Betel is a medicinal plant which is very beneficial. It contains an antiseptic substance in all parts. Betel leaves are widely used to treat nosebleeds, red eye, discharge, making a loud noise, and much more, including erectile dysfunction.

Usually lbih betel leaf is commonly used by some people to overcome an eye or red eye due to an eye on this one contagious nature. Besides dangerous, eye disease is one disease that is very contagious. Hence it is not surprising that there is a family anggote affected, all other family members also tertutar. 0! Uh Therefore, if you menderite immediately treat sore eyes in order not to menuiar on others.

Here are some steps to make traditional medicine from betel leaf :
Choose a few betel leaves, betel leaves and wash thoroughly and after washing with clean, boil betel leaves with a little salt mixture to a boil. If you boiled betel leaf was already boiling, lift and wait until the betel leaf is really cold. After the betel leaf is really cold, then Strain the leaves by using a filter or other clean cloth. Use filtered water from the betel leaf water to wash the sore eyes. Try to wash your eyes with water 3 times a day so that you are suffering from eye pain can be cured.

Betel leaf is also very effective to make to cope with watery eyes, itching, and burning. I hope this article could be any use.

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