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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

0 The Benefits of Lychee Fruit

I am among those who love to eat many kind of fruit. But especially for lychee fruit, it is not too common to be consumed, especially in my country (Indonesia). Yet, if we looking for references related to this fruit, there are so many benefits that we can obtain. The people generally consume this kind of fruit which is already in processed form. Suppose that in the form of bread with topping.

Lychee also contains many minerals that are needed for body growth and bone formation. The minerals owned in Lychee are calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Lychee Fruit

Lychee fruit (Litchi chinensis Sonn) is derived from Kwantung and Fukien province in South China. In 1873 the plant was spread to Hawaii, then to Florida in the USA in 1883.

Kwantung and Fukien province in China known as the largest producer of lychee fruit in the world, followed by India and other countries. Lychee fruit has a unique taste and high economic value. In tropical countries like Indonesia, this kind of plant has started to be cultivated in Bali (Gianyar, Tabanan, Badung) and Cianjur.

Lychee grows well in cool areas. These plants need a plenty of water but please do not give too much water. It also has a characteristic red-purple color after cooking, and green color while still raw. If you notice, the outside view is a little like strawberries. The content of sucrose and glucose on lychee fruit is also quite high. Therefore, if you eat Lychee at night, it can increase energy reserves for the next day.

Not only that, lychees also good for beauty treatments need. By consuming a lychees, it can refine skin, enhance blood circulation and restore stamina. Lychee is also known to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. From this research, lychees contains flavonoids which proved highly effective against breast cancer (as quoted on Indiatimes). Lychee is also a source of vitamin c, where it can fight heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C is also good for bone and tissue growth.

How to cultivate a Lychee
Lychee Cultivation

Lychee is a fruit with a very low fat content.
Thus, the consumption of lychees is very good for someone who is on a diet. In addition, lychees also good for people who are in a weakened condition and good for the elderly. When choosing a lychee, please select those with a firm shell that has no cracks. It is best if the fruits are still attached to its stem. The fruit's colour should be pink or red but do not choose brown one. Brown lychee usually are overripe and not tasty.

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