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Sunday, April 28, 2013

30 I love herbs, Fungal Skin during Pregnancy

When my wife was pregnant for 4 months, suddenly her feet blistered. Really, it's a dilemma for me and my wife. If my wife was not pregnant, then it is easy to buy chemical drugs to remove mildew on foot. However, I understand that providing chemical drugs can cause bad interference for the fetus. And also, the doctor said that some chemical drugs could cause birth defects in an infant. Yes, it could be dangerous. I was afraid if it happens to our babies. However, if not treated immediately, then I'm afraid it will get worse. When I asked to the dermatologist, it looks like my wife being affected by allergies.

fungal skin during pregnancy

Because it is the first pregnancy, we have a lot to look for references and also read a lot of books dealing with fungal skin during pregnancy. Even not rarely, my wife asked the friends and companions about the problems she face. Indeed, we know that the problems faced by every pregnant woman is different. But not rarely from those who experienced the same problem.

At that time, my wife stepped on the pregnancy 3 months. Suddenly, slowly but surely, my wife's feet started to itch and blistering. Initially, the blisters occur only with small size at the toes. However, over time the blisters begin to appear larger and wider at the soles of the feet. Really this is a big problem for my wife. She was grieved and hassles for doing any activity.

Eventually, the foot condition is getting worse. Eventually, the foot condition is getting worse. Conditions of the foot, the more difficult be used for walking. So the condition, at the foot there is a kind of blisters that contain pus. The pus, which makes her legs become painful and hot. Our thought, this pus should be removed. If not, then we fear it would be rotting. But first we want to consult a dermatologist, just to make it more comfortable.

nigella sativa for health
Nigella Sativa
(image courtesy wikipedia)
Ever, at time in the early legs feel itchy, my wife gives fungal medicines in the foot. She was not aware that the fungal medicinal could be very dangerous for the fetus in her womb. Please note, that fungal medicine can be absorbed into the body and harm the health of the fetus. So the pregnant condition like this, as much as possible we should avoid taking chemical drugs. We must give priority to healing through herbal medicine. The drugs that are safe for health of the fetus. Finally after realizing this, the wife stop using chemical fungal medicinal.

Up on one occasion, my older sister gave recommendation to treat using nigella sativa. This medicinal is in the form of oil. The way is, that medicine then applied to the foot. Initially it feels sore, but then it became more comfortable. Thank God, blisters on foot gradually began to dry up. Feet also began could be used for walking. For using this herbal medicine from 2 until 4 days, the blisters on the feet become dry up.

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