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Saturday, April 13, 2013

2 Benefits of Walking for Health

To maintain physical fitness, I try to get used in exercising regularly. I actually like most sports such as soccer and volley ball. However, this kind of sports can not be done every day. Requires a minimum of 5 up to11 other players to play it. But actually there is a much simpler exercise which can be done everyday. Very simple exercise and it can also maintain health and fitness. Walking does look like a trivial, but in fact it is a very healthy activity. We know in the early morning the air is still very fresh, we can use it for walking around the house in a few minutes. Moreover, if there are many shady trees which will provide coolness atmosphere.

benefits walking for health
Walking is Very Good for Health

The following are some of the benefits of walking which are important for us to know.
1. Stabilize the Weight.
When we do a walking especially if the distance is quite far, then some of the calories and fat in the body will be burned. Excess calories and fat will be burned and can increase the body's metabolism. Do this regularly, your body will be more slim.

2. Avoid a Heart Attack.
We know that the function of the heart is to pump blood around the body. Walking with haste will accelerate the flow of blood into the coronary heart. Then this will make the heart muscle of oxygen sufficiency are met. Heart muscle also can stay awake for quite a beat. Heart will be healthy.

3. Lose weight.
With regular walking activity, body weight will be maintained stable. By walking activity for a minimum of one hour, the excess blubber under the skin will be burned.

4. Relieves arthritic knee
Apparently, walking can relieve arthritic complaints, the knee is experienced by many people. Walking activities necessary to criss-cross, not every day. This is to give an opportunity to the joints and bones to recover. We know, as we grow older, the space between the joints will be more narrow. Layer of cartilage thinning. And joint space fluid, had shriveled. Joint condition that already as it is, needs to be maintained and protected so as not to shock the body weight by the weight of the load, especially in people who are obese.

5. Depression.
For patients who are still in the healing process, typically they are depressed. Then walk away with haste, be able to be a substitute for antidepressant medication should be taken regularly.

Health is a treasure indeed priceless. Let us take care with healthy habits.

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  1. Walking is really a good form of exercise. This is also one of the ways for me to have a good joint health. Thanks for sharing this info by the way!


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