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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

0 Benefits Lemon to Relieve Influenza

I am among those who do not like overly dependent on chemical drugs. If I hit a fairly light disease, usually I'll try to take the medicine of herbal category, first. If the disease is already severe, then I just take a chemical drug. Just as when I had the flu, so I usually try to suppress it with warm lemon drink. Well, what and how the benefits of oranges for influenza? in this article, I will try to discuss my experience on the efficacy of orange to relieve influenza.

benefits lemon to cure influenza

Please note, that in fact, to cure influenza, initially we do not need medication. We just need to let the antibodies of our bodies to handle. If the condition of the body is good, then the virus will not be able to invade our bodies. Antibodies are inside our body, which is going to fight. If our bodies are in a condition that do not fit, such as less fatigue. Then usually virus from outside will easily disrupt our immune system. Then we will be susceptible to disease if we do not fit.

Myths that developed in the community is quite unique and we need to consider. Usually if we got the flu, we were told to eat a lot, which contain good nutrients. Also we are required to drink lots of water. Because, basically, when we are exposed to the disease, the body needs a lot of nutrients to fight the virus. We are also encouraged to drink milk.

In addition to eating a lot, there is a fairly reliable herbs to relieve influenza. That is, drinking orange squeezed and mixed with warm water. The oranges can be trusted to relieve flu symptoms and speed healing. This should be drunk warm orange when exposed influeza start to feel symptoms. Drink warm orange serves to relieve throat, giving a sense of comfort. Vitamin C contained in oranges helps restore the body's condition.

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