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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

33 The Benefits of Katuk (cinnamon) Leaves for Health

Before this, I had never heard the term leaves of Cinnamon (or Katuk leaves). Only after a couple of days ago, there are shows on television that discussed about the benefits of Cinnamon leaf. Turns out, it was found that Katuk leaves has many benefits for human health. So I became curious and looking for a variety of references, related what are the benefits of Katuk leaf. There are so many references said that the leaves of Katuk has a myriad of benefits. So in this article, I would like to summarize few of the various sources of reference that I've got.

Katuk leaves from shrubs, and named Latin Sauropus adrogynus (L) Merr, derived from the family Euphorbiaceae. It has green leaves, often used as a various vegetable. For example in Indonesia, the leaves are used as a sayur bening, urap, and gulai.

the benefits of katuk (cinnamon) leaves

Cinnamon leaves contain calories, protein, and carbohydrates. The content of these substances, the equivalent of the same content in the leaves of papaya and cassava leaves. While the iron content and higher protein than cassava leaves and papaya. Katuk leaves are also rich in vitamin A, B1, and C. Fitokimianya compounds such as tannins, saponins flavonoids, alkaloids and papaverine potential as a natural remedy.

One of the benefits of a well-known Katuk leaf is facilitating the production of breast milk. One breastfeeding counselor said that a few green leaves, are able to increase milk production. However, it should be consumed properly, regularly and with a healthy food intake for breaseeding mothers. Some natural ingredients also can be used to increase milk production such as spinach, melon, green beans, flowers and leaves of papaya, squash, and watermelon. However, the most commonly used is Katuk leaf.

Beside of above benefecial, Katuk are also used to facilitate the production of breast milk, cinnamon leaf is also believed to maintain eye health, osteoporosis, hypertension, and also for men's health. A high content of beta-carotene (vitamin A) from Katuk leaves is believed to help prevent eye irritation. Calcium content in pretty good cinnamon, suitable to be consumed by women who do not want to have osteoporosis. Katuk leaves also believed to have high levels of calcium which is quite good.

Special to the men health. In Katuk leaves, there is an active substance which is capable of stimulating the synthesis of steroid hormones such as progesterone, and testosterone thus arouse sexual vitality, stimulate the quality and quantity of sperm. Katuk leaf containing ephedrine are very good for people with influenza. Iron content must be high enough to overcome anemia.

Need to be considered!
Although katuk leaf has many benefits, but there are things that should be seriously considered. Katuk leaves should not be consumed more than 50g/hari continuously for long periods of time. Because glucocorticoid compounds can interfere with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Other negative effects, can cause insomnia, bad eating, and shortness of breath. Specifically pregnant women, should not be eating katuk leaf because it will affect the condition of the fetus.

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  15. I usually like to prepare a herbal tea with the help of cinnamon tea. It is not only good in taste but also it has several health benefits that are included ability to balance blood sugar, it is helpful to minimize inflammation and infection. Also, it is a natural immunity booster, natural antiviral fungal herbs that can also helpful to combat with bacterial infections. It is also recommended by experts that sometimes it may show some side effects so before using it, we need to consult with a doctor first.

    1. Katuk mixed with cinnamon tea. I have never tried it. Thanks for your sharing here. Very appreciate it.

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