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Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 Benefits of Bananas to Prevent Stroke

I am among those who quite like to eat bananas. Banana is a fruit that includes most easily searchable. He grew in all seasons. Especially in tropical climates such as in Indonesia. If we lived in a rural area, then we will find banana trees so easily. This fruit is quite easily to grow. Even it can grow wildly. Like in my hometown area, there is even a banana tree in every garden behind the house. In addition to fruit flesh, there are many parts of the banana tree could be used to meet human needs. Like the rest of the sheath that can be used for rope, the leaves can also be used to wrap food.

benefits of banana for stroke

For health problems, recently known that bananas can also be used to prevent stroke. The way is to eat bananas and also reduce eating chips are known to contain a lot of salt. I only learned of this after reading the information in a media. This is revealed by a researcher who was quoted by the Daily Mail, Friday (04/05/2013). By eating a banana, and reduce consumption of chips, will reduce the risk of stroke.

In Indonesia, there are many types of bananas. There is a green banana, milk banana, horn banana, golden banana, king banana and many others. Beside this fruit can be eaten directly, bananas can also be used to make foods such as cakes and kolak.

Bananas are one of the fruits that contain lots of potassium. Each fruit contains 420 mg. Every day, adults are advised to consume 3,500 mg. Potassium (potassium) it can lower blood pressure, while the chips contain a lot of salt which can raise blood pressure. The combination of those two things can prevent a stroke. High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke. Changing to a healthier diet, can keep blood pressure under control.

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  1. Great information, this being really informative post to know. I was aware of many benefits of Banana but this is something new i got to know.

    1. Hai, thanks for commenting this post. I love banana, healthy fruit.


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