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Friday, June 7, 2013

1 How to Treat Pain Cough with Warm Citrus

Hello all friends, how are you? I hope all in good health and spirit. This time I want to talk about the condition of my last few days. I experienced coughing very disturbing.

Actually, in the previous article, I wrote about the benefits of citrus fruits to cope with the flu. But in this article, I want to focus more on discussing the benefits of citrus served with warm water to overcome cough. The last few days I did have to cough accompanied with influenza. The problem is, if the flu I could still sleep at night. But if exposed to coughing, difficult to get to sleep at all. This is certainly a danger, because everyone needs a break to restore the body.

Apparently, in addition to to relieve the symptoms of influenza, orange can also be used to relieve symptoms of cough. The trick is to squeeze lemon juice mixed with warm water. Warm water that has been mixed with it then please drink orange. May be added with sugar so it tastes better.

This recipe was given by my wife. And as long as is reasonably believed by the people in my region, this herb can relieve symptoms of cough which is of course very disturbing.

Actually there are many traditional recipes that can relieve the symptoms of cough than the orange juice, maybe I will discuss in another occasion.

I hope this article could give many benefits for others.

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  1. Sometimes the cause for cough and cold is due to bad Immune system. You must be careful related to health. And thanks for the tip..it is useful and beneficial as well.


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