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Friday, July 26, 2013

0 Health Hazards of Chemical Fertilizer

Almost all agricultural or plantation activities in the world must perform fertilization. Impact of this fertilization activities are expected to increase the result of agricultural or plantation. So that is able to provide optimal results and provide benefits in terms of economy. However, do we have to sacrifice our health just for economic benefits by using chemical fertilizer? Fertilizer is a substance, whether it sistetis or organic, which is added to the soil to increase the supply of essential nutrients that promote plant growth and vegetation on the ground. Although intended to provide benefits to humans, but the effects of fertilization on soil need to be considered. We should know that the use of chemical fertilizers can cause impacts that would damage the fertility of the soil itself, and not making it lush.

If we look carefully various agricultural products sold in the market, it turns out in fact many of them are contaminated with chemical fertilizers. Whereas chemical fertilizer is actually very harmful for our health. As an example of the fruits that have been given contaminated with preservatives and chemicals would be more durable when compared with pristine fruit. And if the natural fruit, maybe in a few days already rotting. Just imagine if the fruit we eat can not be decomposed by bacteria in the body, what will happen to our bodies? of course it will be very dangerous for our health.

Health Hazards of Chemical Fertilizer

Even the UN agency for environmental claim that chemical poisoning is one of the five leading causes of death in the world. Incredible! we need to be careful with the use of this hazardous chemicals. UN calls for immediate action to reduce the dangers of certain chemicals that continue to increase the health and the environment. A recent study, "Global Prospects of Chemical Compounds", from the United Nations for environmental program (UNEP) found that the safe management of chemical compounds can save millions of lives and boost the economy in many countries. Of course we have to take part of this global effort. If it does not start from ourselves? we would expect to whom?

We need to know that when we add a chemical fertilizer into the soil, the fertilizer actually just giving nutrients of food at that time only. But the elements of fertilizers are not able to be absorbed by the soil, consequently when the rain comes, then the element-element fertilizers are carried by rain water along with nutrients. As a result, in the long term, then the land becomes barren. Fertility of the land will be lost due to chemical fertilizer.

Chemical fertilizer was also providing a result that is lethal 11 elements that are useful in the plant. So actually when we eat food that is produced from chemical fertilizer, then we actually have eat food that has lost 11 elements useful nutrients for our body. It is very unfortunate is not it?

Health Hazards of Chemical Fertilizer

Then it is time we re-examine our food. As much as possible we take from the organic. More healthy and provides many benefits for our bodies.

Hopefully this article provides benefits, especially for myself.

Hanan Naqq
Natural Herbs for Health

Sunday, July 14, 2013

0 The Benefits of Drinking Water

Already a common knowledge that water is good for the body. Water is one of the important components for 80% of the content of our body is water. In the brain and blood, content of water is greatest. Therefore, we ought to supply our bodies with water. Certainly not ordinary water, but water containing substances we need for example : mineral, zinc, and other substances that are important for the body. Many people often overlook the water and tend to quench thirst with coffee, tea or other liquids, but water actually useful for our body and can aid digestion, blood circulation and others. For that, let's look at each one benefits of water for our bodies.

benefits drinking water

1. The water is very good for the body, because water can restore the freshness of the body. If we do not eat but we drink water, our bodies can still last longer than if we do not drink water. After exercise or activities sweat, by drinking enough water our bodies can get back in shape.

2. One major function of water is to neutralize the toxins present in our body. The poison flowing in our body through the blood and excreted through the urine. So, you can imagine if we consume less water. The kidneys will be heavier. Water as a medium of neutralizing toxins, helps the kidneys to be lighter in processing toxins. Water shortages could lead to the emergence of kidney stones or kidney failure.

3. Lack of water in the body can cause the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. That is because when our bodies lack of water, the body will still absorb water, one of which is in the skin layer. By drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, our skin will look fresh, healthy and not dull.

4. Each person would want have an ideal weight. To get it, recommended drinking water as one of the therapeutic diet as one of the properties of water is restrain excessive appetite and makes the stomach feel full which makes us avoid the problem of obesity..

5. Water can also help prevent osteoporosis come sooner, because water helps nourish the bone with bone cells regenerate, so that we do not easily brittle bones and become stronger.

benefits of drinking water for our health

6. Water and digestion can not be separated. In the process of digestion, water can help make the process run smoothly. Water absorbing substances needed by the body from the food we eat, and dispose of substances that are not required through urine and sweat. Water is also shown to help prevent us from constipation, because water makes our intestines more active.

7. Water also helps maintain healthy nails. If your nails are so easy to break and look dull, it could be one of them is due to water shortages. The onset of which is located outskirts nail cuticle is also an indication of water shortage. Nails turned out to be dehydrated.

8. Because our brain is composed largely of water, of water is needed by the brain. According to the study, the brain cells to work optimally with the issuing of electrical energy which is the best conductor of water with chemical composition H2O. The brain needs oxygen in order to work optimally. Water can also prevent migraines or headaches. Drink 7 glasses of water during the day can relieve headaches. Dehydration can cause fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

Many people underestimate the role of water and replace it with other liquids. Though water proved to have many benefits for our bodies. Consume water properly can raise our quality of life. Do shortage, and also do not overdo it. Sufficient water should be consumed as much as 2-3 liters per day. May the knowledge of the benefits of water can help us be wise in maintaining our health.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

2 Knowing Organic Fertilizer for Soil Health

Currently herbs have positions that are important to humans. People have started to move from chemical treatments to herbal medicine, particularly as it is considered safer to use in the long term. To cultivate plants, fertilizer application has a very important role. You could say, fertilizer is the key to soil fertility because it contains nutrients which runs out due to replacing elements absorbed by plants. Fertilizer is a material that is added to the growing media or plant to meet nutrient requirements are necessary so that the plant is able to produce well. Fertilizer materials can be either organic or inorganic materials. So cultivate is to add material in this case nutrients that plants need. Fertilizers containing raw materials needed for the growth and development of plants.

Fertilizer can be supplied into plants via the soil or sprayed onto the leaves. In order giving fertilizer in right way, keep in mind the needs of the plants. So it is not too much of a given foodstuff because if too little or too much can be harmful to plants.

knowing oraganic fertilizer fo soil health

On this occasion, I would like to discuss about organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer made from organic materials either from animal or human feces or from the remains of plants weathering.

The following are some of the functions of organic fertilizers :
  • Improve soil structure

  • Improve soil absorption of water

  • Creating favorable conditions for life in the soil

  • Source of nutrients that plants need

manure is fertilizer derived from animal waste both solid and liquid. Nutrient content of manure varies because each animal has its own distinctive properties. Nutrient content in manure is influenced by the type of livestock, food and animal age.

Knowing Organic Fertilizer for Soil Health
manure compost is derived from the weathering of materials such as leaves, straw, weeds, grasses, animal waste, municipal waste, etc.. Composting process can be accelerated weathering through human assistance. Composting, to stimulate the development of bacteria (micro-organism) to decompose the materials composted in order to break down into other compounds. In the decomposition process of change that is bound nutrients in soluble organic compounds into organic compounds soluble (available) so it can be absorbed by the plant directly. Composting also aims to reduce the ratio C / N. If the organic material has a ratio of C / N is not high composted and given directly into the ground then the breakdown will occur in the soil, resulting in increased CO2 in the ground that it interferes with plant growth, even in light soils resulting in low water holding capacity of the soil and the structure of fibrous and rough.

Green Manure
Fertilizers are derived from plants (forage) covering the leaves, stems and young stems of certain plants contain many elements of Nitrogen. Plants are categorized as green manure which Rhizobium bacteria that have attached to the roots, especially in the plant family Leguminosae.

Are the remains of plants such as leaves, roots, branches and trunks that had rotted naturally, through the aid of microorganisms and weather. Nature does not differ from compost humus is easily bind water and crumbly. While his trademark black to dark brown. One way to add humus to the soil is to immerse the green manure into the soil, resulting in decay that form humus.


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