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Sunday, July 7, 2013

2 Knowing Organic Fertilizer for Soil Health

Currently herbs have positions that are important to humans. People have started to move from chemical treatments to herbal medicine, particularly as it is considered safer to use in the long term. To cultivate plants, fertilizer application has a very important role. You could say, fertilizer is the key to soil fertility because it contains nutrients which runs out due to replacing elements absorbed by plants. Fertilizer is a material that is added to the growing media or plant to meet nutrient requirements are necessary so that the plant is able to produce well. Fertilizer materials can be either organic or inorganic materials. So cultivate is to add material in this case nutrients that plants need. Fertilizers containing raw materials needed for the growth and development of plants.

Fertilizer can be supplied into plants via the soil or sprayed onto the leaves. In order giving fertilizer in right way, keep in mind the needs of the plants. So it is not too much of a given foodstuff because if too little or too much can be harmful to plants.

knowing oraganic fertilizer fo soil health

On this occasion, I would like to discuss about organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer made from organic materials either from animal or human feces or from the remains of plants weathering.

The following are some of the functions of organic fertilizers :
  • Improve soil structure

  • Improve soil absorption of water

  • Creating favorable conditions for life in the soil

  • Source of nutrients that plants need

manure is fertilizer derived from animal waste both solid and liquid. Nutrient content of manure varies because each animal has its own distinctive properties. Nutrient content in manure is influenced by the type of livestock, food and animal age.

Knowing Organic Fertilizer for Soil Health
manure compost is derived from the weathering of materials such as leaves, straw, weeds, grasses, animal waste, municipal waste, etc.. Composting process can be accelerated weathering through human assistance. Composting, to stimulate the development of bacteria (micro-organism) to decompose the materials composted in order to break down into other compounds. In the decomposition process of change that is bound nutrients in soluble organic compounds into organic compounds soluble (available) so it can be absorbed by the plant directly. Composting also aims to reduce the ratio C / N. If the organic material has a ratio of C / N is not high composted and given directly into the ground then the breakdown will occur in the soil, resulting in increased CO2 in the ground that it interferes with plant growth, even in light soils resulting in low water holding capacity of the soil and the structure of fibrous and rough.

Green Manure
Fertilizers are derived from plants (forage) covering the leaves, stems and young stems of certain plants contain many elements of Nitrogen. Plants are categorized as green manure which Rhizobium bacteria that have attached to the roots, especially in the plant family Leguminosae.

Are the remains of plants such as leaves, roots, branches and trunks that had rotted naturally, through the aid of microorganisms and weather. Nature does not differ from compost humus is easily bind water and crumbly. While his trademark black to dark brown. One way to add humus to the soil is to immerse the green manure into the soil, resulting in decay that form humus.

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