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Saturday, September 21, 2013

29 The Benefits of Coffee for Health

Coffee for Health

I love coffee. I am belong to coffee lover. I usually start a day with one glass/cup of coffee. And some other time, I consume a cup of coffee in the middle of work at noon after sleepiness come. When I talk to my friend about coffee, very few of them say that coffee is good for health. Most of them argue that coffee give bad effect for health. I think this is not entirely true. There are a lot of benefits of coffee for human body. At this article, I want to discuss several function or benefits of coffee.

Coffee, when we consume it wisely, actually give many benefits for our health. And whatever it is, not just coffee, if it consumed disproportionately, will also have a negative impact on health. I ever read news about study conducted by National Cancer Institute shown that people who consume coffee regularly will have low risk of death by 16 percent. Although of course, consume coffee too much will have bad effect on health systems.

Prevent Kidney Stone 

A study conducted in Harvard found that woman who consume four cup of coffee in a day will have low risk of kidney stone by 25 percent. A study which ever conducted before have also shown same result. 

Prevent Depression

Based on study in Archives of Internal Medicine 2011, had shown that woman who drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day will have 15 percent lower risk to get depression. On the other hand, woman who drink four cups of coffee per day have 20 percent lower risk.

Sharpen memory

In a study in 2005 conducted by Radiological Society of North America, a scientist found that consuming two coffee could increase memory and speed of reaction of human being. 

Prevent Diabetes

Twenty study performed in the world show that coffee could decrease diabetes type 2 until 50%. Believed that chlorogenic acid on coffee play a role in slowing down sugar absorption in digestion.


A research consistently shown that coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. 

Prevent Parkinson

Coffee drinker, have risk on getting Parkinson a half lower than who are not.

Prevent Sirosis 

Coffee protect the liver from sirosis, especially sirosis because alcohol addiction.

Cognitive function 

It is believed that consume at least three cup of coffee per day could inhibit reduction cognitive brain function, due to aging by up to 33 percent in women. But same benefit is not found in men. Maybe because women are more sensitive on caffeine than men.

That are several benefits of coffee for health. I hope this article give much enlightenment for us.

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  1. You really spur me on to drink black coffee.

    1. Yes, but still noticed about the levels, do not get too excessive. If excessive, it's still not good.

  2. wow. I just realize that coffee has many benefits for health. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Great to know that coffee has so much benefit, i think every food we eat have some or other benefit for health only the high intake of it can lead the problem.

    1. Absolutely yes. If we consume healthy food not excessive.

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  15. i love coffee so much that i drink 3-4 glasses a day.. thanks for sharing. very informative..

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