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Saturday, February 1, 2014

32 The Benefits of Zaitun Oil / Olive Oil for Health

The Benefits of Zaitun Oil / Olive Oil

Zaitun oil, more familiar with the name : olive oil, is an oil that come from zaitun fruit. This oil so familiar because it has many benefits for human health. It could cure so many illness. This oil also rich with nutrition. Nutrition compound of this oil such are Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, C, E and K. However, not only that, mineral compound like iron, sodium, calcium, and potassium is very abundant. Because of these benefits, there have been many studies and research on this plant.

Research at 1999 revealed that mortality rates in Albania classified as low because of consumption habits of olive oil. Olive oil was also studied, it turned out that it has positively affected in the body's resistance to the symptoms of stomach cancer. Olive oil is also considered a healthy oil, it's because the content in olive oil is very rich in unsaturated fats (particularly polyphenols and acids oleic).

The Benefits of Zaitun Oil / Olive Oil for Health

The olive leaf contains oleuropein which are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungial. Olive leaf also contains Apigenin and luteolin which is anti-cancer, and a number of other as yet unidentified substances one by one.

This time, I will try to discuss some of the benefits that are very important from Olive Oil. Here are the several of them :

  • Olive oil can be used as antioxidants, free radical preventive
  • Free radicals are one of the main causes of premature aging of body cells and cancer.

  • Heart disease medicine
  • Olive oil is very good for heart health. It can increase HDL cholesterol levels in the blood, which often referred to as 'good cholesterol' thereby reducing chances of suffering from coronary heart disease. Drinking 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily will reduce cholesterol levels in the blood which will help maintain a healthy heart.

  • The body's immunity
  • Olive oil has oleic acid content and high squalene, which is associated with a strong anticancer effect and helps improve the body's immunity.

  • Can help diet program
  • If we want to have an ideal body with diet, it turns olive oil can help make it happen. For those of you who have weight problems may be useful if you are trying to consume olive oil. Content of Olive Oil to suppress hunger hormones are very potent than that created by the body, satiety hormone serotonin present in olive oil is able to suppress your hunger so that you can diet program more easily.

  • Skin retain moisture and freshness
  • Olive oil can help ward off skin damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light (UV), such as dry skin, burns, wrinkles, brown spots, and even premature aging.

  • Hair fertilizer
  • Olive oil is one of the alternatives to be used as fertilizer hair. If you certainly want beautiful hair, naturally bushy and black, then the oil zaitunlah solution. Just simply by rubbing this oil on your scalp and allowed to stand for a few minutes (about 15 minutes) and then rinsed with shampoo, and hair done regularly so that you desire will be achieved.

  • Treating Pain
  • Olive oil is also traditionally used to relieve pain in the wound. Once upon a time, people use olive oil as a topical medication for abrasions, tear and other disorders such as swelling, inflammation and pains in the body, and anti-inflammatory agent ibuprofen can help relieve his pain and other pain injuries.

The Benefits of Zaitun Oil / Olive Oil for Health

But, it should be noted that we must choose olive oil which is intended to be consumed directly by nutrients is still excellent, such as extra virgin olive oil that is original. Because the level of quality and nutritional olive oil varies, with increasing number freshly made ​​on the olives. The first oil juice is the most excellent.

In the market, certain types of olive oil destined for cooking only. Authenticity and manner of storage of olive oil (in a dark glass bottle) also need to be considered in choosing this oil for health.

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  3. Zaitun oil is the first choice oil for massaging the skin. It helps to maintain healthy glow.

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