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Friday, June 30, 2017

5 The Benefits of Tea for Health

Benefits of Tea

Many people maybe not aware which consuming tea is very beneficial especially for our health. If right now, we are enjoying tea because it tastes good and can relieve the mind, then now is the right time for us to know that tea has a lot of benefits for human health. One of the great benefits of drinking tea is to prevent cancer. According to newest study, drinking five or more cups of tea per day is known to reduce the risk of a man with malignant prostate cancer. For those of you who do not want to be fat, tea is also beneficial to maintain your weight. And of course this is good news for you who are fat and want to get slim. A study in 2010 revealed the fact that components in green tea have a positive effect on eye, especially to the retina. On average, consuming green tea can help us see better.

The Benefits of Tea for Health

Another benefit of drinking tea is that it can help a person look younger. A study conducted by experts states that white tea extract can inhibit the production of wrinkles by strengthening elastin and collagen. We know that elastin and collagen are two important factors preventing the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Black tea can help reduce stress levels. A study found that black tea can help lower stress hormones. Meanwhile, caffeine in tea can help reduce the overall risk of diabetes.

From one study, it was mentioned that men who drank five cups of tea a day had a 33 percent lower risk for stage 4 prostate cancer. Drinking five cups of tea every day can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer stage 2 to 25 percent. This comparison is done with men who drink only one cup of tea per day. [source : Daily mail]. Of course this consumption pattern, also must see how the condition of each person. Drinking tea is recommended naturally, things that are excessive certainly not good too.

This result is known by researchers in the Netherlands after analyzing data from 58,279 men and found 3,362 cases of prostate cancer, including 1,164 advanced cancer. Researchers compared data from participants as well as their level of prostate cancer naturally.

Chemical compounds called flavonoids in Tea are believed to prevent cancer-forming tumor cells. There is good news for all readers, that the benefits of tea will not decrease even if we add sugar, milk, other sweeteners, or lemons into it. Of course, it would be better not to add sugar or sweetener to it.

green tea is very benefits for our health

There are many types of tea that you can enjoy such as ginger tea, tulsi tea, green tea, lemon tea and more. It is said that tea is always healthier than coffee, because of the difference in their composition. See some surprising benefits of tea, as quoted from the site Boldsky, Monday (10/4/2017).

Here are 4 benefits of drinking tea, summarized from various sources :
  • Maintain Intestinal Health.
  • Research from the Netherlands found that tea and coffee are not only sought after because of the effects of caffeine, which then makes the eyes become literate. Basically, both types of beverages can maintain the balance of bacteria in the intestine.

    The intestinal DNA of the participants was analyzed by taking their stool samples that had been frozen. The results of the study mention people who are fond of drinking tea has a number of good bacteria more.

  • Make you Relax.
  • A cup of warm chamomile tea before bed is believed to help calm the nerves and make your body more relaxed.

    Chamomile tea also has a connection with glucose control and helps the process of weight loss. Certainly, please avoid using sugar or sweetener when making this chamomile tea.

  • Detoxification
  • Green tea is also one type of beverage that can be consumed after a meal for the detox process. This is believed to be the antioxidant content of green tea.

    Not only help the process of detoxification, some studies also show that regular consumption of green tea can help the body control blood sugar levels and maintain appetite.

  • The Body becomes Fresher
  • Warm lemon tea is a good alternative drink in the morning. When you wake up, you have just passed the phase of not drinking for approximately 7 hours.

    Lemon tea makes the body fresher, ready to move, making the stomach ready to receive breakfast and has a high vitamin C content..

In this article I discuss the benefits of various types of tea for our health. Maybe on the next time when I have a chance, I will discuss one type of tea and how it's benefits for our health.

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