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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

0 The Benefits of Date Palm for Health

The Date Palms have grown since ancient times, even these trees have grown before humans were created. We know the story of Prophet Adam when he came down to earth. He has found the fact that this earth inhabited by a variety of plants, and one of them is a date palm tree. In an ancient Egyptian cemetery, it was discovered that mummies were covered by mats made of date palm fronds. In addition, the fact is also found that a date palm tree intact in an ancient tomb in the area of Shakra and the grave has been around since 3200 BC. In the area that became the capital of Al-Wadi Al-Jadidi in Egypt also found the remains of date palm trees from the stone age.

Date Palm in the Desert
Date Palm on the Desert

History of Date Palm

Until now the scientists still have a different opinion about the origins of Date Palm trees. According to Erdowardo Bakari (an expert on palm trees from Italy), it is explained that there are some types of Date Palm trees that do not grow well except in subtropical areas which have very rare rainfall. Its roots require enough water so that will fought against moisture content salty. This shows that the origins of palm trees from the Arabian bay area, because the characteristics of the area mentioned Erdowardo Bakari is only located in areas along the Gulf coast of Arabia and southern India. Or a similar climate is the valley between the Tigris and the Nile valley.

The date palms have great benefits and have been famous since ancient times. Of the various discoveries of Artesar in Egypt, date palms have become the most important part for the people of ancient Egypt. They use almost all parts of the Date Palm tree. Starting from the trunk, they use as the foundation of the house. The date stem is used as the roof of the house and also can be used as a mat material. And last thing, of course the most important thing is the fruit as a food that they can save throughout the year to meet their basic food needs.

Date palm as anti starvation

Dates as an Antidote to Poison and Magic

For Muslims, Date palm is a very special fruit. This fruit is mentioned in the Qur'an several times. The unique thing known from the Dates is the ability to ward off poison and magic. Humans have known magic thousands of years ago. In the time of the Prophet, the practice of magic is very developed, even the Messenger of Allah had also been exposed to magic. He taught to us to ward off magic by eating dates.

In the western world for example, various known magic terms such as Golden Down, Emotion, Hels, and Fudu. Prophet gave advice to eat seven Dates. Organizations in the UK who are very concerned about telepathic phenomena, they do an in-depth study of the truth of the Prophet's words about Dates, this organization has published their research results in a magazine called telepathy. In their research, they studied the line of the spectrum on the body of a person who had eaten seven dates and found that the line was blue within 12 hours. According to it, magic is essentially attack on the eye, and the effect of magic on the eye can not be conquered by any line other than the blue line. So that by eating seven dates can produce a blue line that can ward off magic on the eyes.

The Benefits of Date Palm

One of the benefits of dates is anti-starvation. Hunger can have two meanings :
  • First Meaning: Hunger with the real meaning
  • Has meaning decreased blood sugar levels and emptiness in the stomach, it gives a boost to the hunger and thirst-controlling cells in the brain that give the feeling of hunger to consume food.

  • Second Meaning: Hungry in the sense of malnutrition
  • We can note the malnutrition that affects the African region and often also occur in our area. They do not mean not eating at all or eating in small amounts but that befall them is to consume food in the quality of food that does not contain nutrients in sufficient levels needed by the body.

Date palm for health

Date palm fruit as a fruit of anti-hunger has those two meaning. First, Date palm are foods that can be stored in a very long time without damaging the nutritional content in it. So for the Arabian Peninsula peoples, Date palm are the main provisions if you want to travel which takes a very long time. This is what the Prophet meant by date palm as the fruit of anti-starvation, because for the person who keeps the stock in the harvest season at his house then he will not lack of food until next harvest time.

Dr. Hissam Syamsi Basya (a researcher) in his writing, explains that based on biochemical research, one of the date palm that we usually ate, contained 20-24% water, 70-75% sugar, 2-3% protein, 8.5% fiber, and very little saturated fat content (lecithine). And the other type is Date Palm Ruthab (still fresh) which contain 65-70% water, 24-58% of the gingerbread, 1.2-2% protein, 2.5% fiber, and slightly saturated fat. Dr. Ahmad Abdul Ra'ouf and Dr. Ali Ahmad Syahhat had conducted research on the chemistry and physiology of date palm. And here is a stunning research result.

  • Eliminate Anemia
  • If we are breaking fast by eating dates of ruthab or tamar, the percentage of our sugar content in our body will rise, meaning it can help eliminate anemia (less blood).

  • Health of Bones and Teeth
  • Date palm are fruit which rich calcium and iron. These nutrients can help you get healthy and strong bones and teeth. Iron content in date palm is also believed to reduce the risk of anemia.

  • Treating Diarrhea
  • Nutrition on dates will improve the digestive system, will also help to overcome the problem of diarrhea.

benefits date palm for Diarrhea

Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 How to Create Compost Fertilizer

Compost is a fertilizer made from organic materials. This fertilizer is very useful for the soil because it can bind nutrients in the soil, thus making the soil more fertile and more friable. Making compost as fertilizer will have a more permanent impact than chemical fertilizers. Nutrient content in compost is more stable than chemical fertilizers. Millions of micro organisms in compost will help to improve the microbiological ecosystem in the soil. Compost is made from the remains of living things, can be plants or animals decomposed by decomposing organisms. Compost quickly work in the soil, organic elements in it quickly decomposes into nutrients in the form of nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) as well as minerals and vitamins which are useful for plants.

compost fertilizer

In addition, compost can also save the environment because he comes from organic wastes which are around us. Although the amount is excessive in the soil, compost does not provide any side effects. Unlike chemical fertilizers, if given too much in the soil, it can damage important organisms in the soil.

To make compost is very easy. It does not require complicated equipment and expensive fees. When viewed from the manufacturing process, compost fertilizer is divided into 2 types. One is made in an anaerobic (non-air) way, while the other is aerobic (with air). Both of these ways produce the same compost, just different in appearance only.

Steps to Make Compost Fertilizer

The first step in making compost is to prepare the land for composting. Keep the land for composting given a shade roof, this aims to avoid rain. Make a square tub using wood with a width of 1 meter and a length of 1.5 meters. Use wood with width: 30-40 cm.

Prepare organic raw materials such as straw, stems of banana trees or others, can also be mixed with the livestock feces. Make a small chunk of that organic material. The smaller the better, but do not get too smooth, in order aeration can take place perfectly during composting. Put the small chopped organic material into the wooden tub, then try ot make it solid until the whole wooden tub is full of the material.

How to create compost fertilizer

When all the ingredients have been prepared into the tub, flush with water to make it moist. In order for the composting process to be fast, add a starter of decomposing microorganisms into the compost pile. After that, increase the height of the board, then add organic raw materials and repeat this process until the height of the tub reaches 1.5 meters.

After 24 hours of composting process, usually the compost pile temperature will rise to 65 degrees Celsius, keep this state about 3 to 4 days. This process serves to kill pathogenic bacteria, weeds and fungi. Please keep an eye, which this omission process should not be more than 4 days, because it will kill the bacteria of microorganisms that serve as compost parser. If the decomposing bacteria die, then the composting process will run longer.

After composting runs for 4 days, lower the composting temperature in the range of 45 to 60 degrees Celsius and humidity in the range of 40-50%. To maintain the temperature of composting, can be done by turning compost. While for maintaining moisture, can be done by watering the compost with water. At this stage, there will usually be a high enough evaporation, to prevent this from happening, please cover the compost with a plastic sheeting at the same time to protect the compost from rain.

To reverse the compost, can not be done by carelessly. It will make it failure on composting process. Perform a compost reversal by lifting the wooden tub, then removing it from the compost pile. Put the tub next to the compost pile, then input the compost into that tub like the initial process of making.

Fertilizer compost

Continue this process until the entire compost pile moves to the side. In this way, the compost will be reversed all equally. Reversal process should be done every 3 days until the composting process is complete with perfect.

When the compost temperature has stabilized below 45 degrees Celsius, the compost will change color to brownish black and the volume will shrink to about 50%. If the condition is like that, stop the reversal process for approximately 14 days.

The Characteristics of Compost are Ripe

In theory, the process of making compost will be completed within 40 to 50 days. But the fact may be faster or slower, depending on the microorganisms and raw materials used. Compost fertilizer which mature is characterized by its dark brownish color, its texture is loose, odorless.

compost for land

When compost fertilizer is made for sale, fertilizer should be sifted first then packed in sacks. Keep compost in a shady place and avoid rain. This will be an attractive business field. Have a try.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

6 The Benefits of Fig Fruits for Health

Tin fruit or fig fruit is maybe generally relatively rare to be consumed for some people. This fruit is practically quite rare in everyday life. In fact, Fig fruit is very important for Muslims because it mentioned in Holy Qur'an beside Olive. Fig fruit has the Latin name Ficus Carica, which is one of the fruits from West Asia. As i said before that Fig fruit is one of the most famous fruits for Muslims. This fruit is still relatives with the banyan tree. This fruit is divided into two types, namely wet Tin and dried Tin. What the different between those types is the calorie content in it. Fig fruit is thought to have been used since hundreds of years before century. Because the benefits of it are really amazing, it's good if we routinely consume it. And to make easier to consume it, we should start cultivate it at our garden

The benefits of Tin or Fig Fruits for Health

Tin fruit comes directly from the heaven and has so many nutrients in it. Among the nutrients contained in the Fig fruit is potassium, iron, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and many more various nutrients on it.

The origin of the tin tree is from the Middle East, then it spread to Afghanistan and Portugal. The Fig tree produces a latex liquid which comes out from the stem. This liquid is like milk and can cause irritation to human skin. The Fig tree can grow up to 10 meters. The leaves look like yams or papaya leaves. When it is still raw, it has green color and when it ripe turns to purple. If bitten, it will create a fragrant aroma and taste like guava fruit. The tannin content in it, makes it so tender when bitten.

Fig fruit is believed to prevent hemorrhoid disease and can also overcome uric acid disorders. Fig fruit can be eaten fresh. Fig fruit can not last long after picked from the tree. Fig fruit will usually be dried after harvesting and then processed into various foods. One of them can be used for making jam.

benefit of Fig Fruits for human health

In 100 grams of unprocessed dried Fig fruit, contained various vitamins and minerals. A study mention Fig fruits belong into group of plants which have the highest vitamin C and fiber content. Therefore, Fig fruit efficacious as an antioxidant.

Empirically Fig leaf nutritious treat swelling for various reasons, including the problem of hemorrhoids and insect bites. The benefits of Fig fruit as anti-inflammatory have also been proven through a study. In addition, other studies also proved giving Fig fruit extracts containing steroid and flavonoid compounds in rats, can inhibit liver cancer cells in the animal.

In people's medicine, Fig is used to treat various infectious diseases. A study proves, extracts of sap from Fig efficacious as anti-bacterial. All parts of this plant work as anti-diarrhea, this is caused by the work of the substance content of tannin and flavonoid.

For more details, here are the various benefits of Fig fruit :
  • Anti Bacteria
  • As mentioned above, the Fig fruit is capable of killing off the health-disturbing bacteria.

  • The Formation of Red Blood Cells
  • Fig fruits contain iron, you know that iron is one component of the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin itself is one component of red blood cell constituents. Thus, the Fig fruit is very useful to trigger the formation of red blood cells, so it is advisable to be consumed for people with anemia ( especially for whom have problem the iron deficiency ). In addition, by increasing formation of red blood cell can also optimize memory and reduce fatigue.

  • Treating Hemorrhoids
  • Not only papaya which could facilitate digestion, but Fig fruit has ability to overcome constipation too. As we all know that the fiber content (dietary fiber) contained in it, which play a role on this.

  • Preventing the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Fig fruit has omega 3 and potassium, where it can prevent the occurrence of coronary heart. Beside Fig fruit, the fruit which contains high potassium is banana. We can see for example at the hospital, bananas are recommended for consumption by hypertensive patients.

  • Prevent Bone Porousness
  • Fig fruit contains the same calcium as milk, so it can help the growth of teeth and bones. It also has benefit to prevent bone loss.

  • Prevent Uric Acid
  • One of the causes of uric acid disease is because of eating too many foods that contain high purine. According to some experts, the fig fruit can prevent the occurrence of uric acid.
With the various benefits described above, it would be a pity if we did not start consuming figs. How about you?

Sunday, April 1, 2018

4 How to Cultivate Tin Fruits (Fig Fruits)

After at previous article we have discussed about various benefits of Tin Fruits (Fig Fruit), now we would discuss how to cultivate it. Fig fruit is belong to rare fruit, although many peoples are looking for and want to consume it. Because of so many benefits from consuming this fruit, and in this article I want to share how to cultivate it. By cultivating this fruit in our house or land, we can easily make it as business area or even just consume it by ourselves. Isn't it would be a great idea?

Tin fruit comes from Arab, then after that it widely spread to many other country such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. Tin tree (or Ficus Carica), is a tree which is known as the sacred fruit of the heavenly garden. This nickname is obtained by the fruit because it is mentioned in the Al-Qur'an. Even so, the price of Tin is also relatively cheap. Tin fruit has the same position with the olives, this fruit is often relied upon during the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Beside has has many benefits and nutrients when we consume, many people are using it as drugs to cure many disease. In our country (Indonesia), this fruit is enough difficult to find.

How to cultivate a Fig Fruits

There are several ways to cultivate fruit Tin, one way is by grafting. There are several steps that must be done for the cultivation using grafting.


Here are the steps you should take to transplant the Tin tree :

  • First step, choose a tin tree where the stems are young and green
  • Because the young and green tree will grow faster and will produce more fruit.

  • Second step, prepare transparent plastic and also pure coco peat (cultivate media).

  • Step three, then bandage the tin tree you want to transplant with a coco peat (cultivate medium) which has been wrapped in transparent plastic. Please make sure that keep the length of grafting area at 10 or 15 cm, don't over that it.

  • Step four, tie the graft medium at the base and the edges using a raffia rope.

  • Step five, flush the graft medium daily, watering should be done through the cracks that have been prepared before it.

  • Step six, when the plant has reached 30 to 45 days, the graft will begin to have a lot of hybrid, it means that the graft is ready to be cut and moved to the normal media.
That is how to transplant Tin fruit, easy is not it? you can try it at home. In addition to grafting, you can also cultivate Tin fruit by stem cuttings.

Grafting Tin fruit


Another way to cultivate Tin fruit is by stem cuttings. This method is not much different from grafting. Please do the following :

  • 1. Cut off the stems or branches of an old Tin tree. The characteristic of the old Tin tree is it has brown or purple skin with a stem length of 10 to 15 cm.

  • 2.The trunk of the Tin tree which is will be distilled, then cut it incline.

  • 3. After stem are ready, then seedlings stem in the nursery which you have prepared. Give pure sand or coco peat in it.

  • 4. Former cuts on the top of the tin tree used as cuttings, should be coated with wax. The purpose of coating the wax on the screws of a tin tree is to prevent decay.

  • 5. Flush the stem of the cuttings every day to keep the soil moist.

  • 6. After 45 days, Tin tree already has many stems. This means that Tin tree is ready to be moved to a new land or pot.

Tin fruit stem cuttings

Cultivate Tin Fruit for Urban Peoples

Seedlings grown from grafts and stem cuttings will be more efficient if planted in pots compared to being planted in open land, especially for urban people who have narrow land. Then how to plant Tin fruit in pots? please do the following :

Prepare planting media such as soil mix, cocopeat, goat dung and raw husk with a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. This planting medium is inserted into the pot with a diameter of 30-50 cm. Potted materials come from cement, plastic, zinc or others. Once the media is ready, then the seeds are planted therein. Treatment is enough with watering every 1-3 days. For perfect growth, give goat droppings every 6 months. Simply by spreading the dirt goat on the surface of the planting medium, then stirred slightly. By the time she was 4 months old, Tin had started to produce.

How to cultivate Tin Fruit in Pot

how to cultivate Tin Fig fruit at Pots

That's little explanation how to cultivate the Tin tree. We hope it will give benefits for the readers. And finally you can cultivate Tin by yourself at your home. Have a nice try, hopefully it can grow well.


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