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Sunday, April 1, 2018

4 How to Cultivate Tin Fruits (Fig Fruits)

After at previous article we have discussed about various benefits of Tin Fruits (Fig Fruit), now we would discuss how to cultivate it. Fig fruit is belong to rare fruit, although many peoples are looking for and want to consume it. Because of so many benefits from consuming this fruit, and in this article I want to share how to cultivate it. By cultivating this fruit in our house or land, we can easily make it as business area or even just consume it by ourselves. Isn't it would be a great idea?

Tin fruit comes from Arab, then after that it widely spread to many other country such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. Tin tree (or Ficus Carica), is a tree which is known as the sacred fruit of the heavenly garden. This nickname is obtained by the fruit because it is mentioned in the Al-Qur'an. Even so, the price of Tin is also relatively cheap. Tin fruit has the same position with the olives, this fruit is often relied upon during the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Beside has has many benefits and nutrients when we consume, many people are using it as drugs to cure many disease. In our country (Indonesia), this fruit is enough difficult to find.

How to cultivate a Fig Fruits

There are several ways to cultivate fruit Tin, one way is by grafting. There are several steps that must be done for the cultivation using grafting.


Here are the steps you should take to transplant the Tin tree :

  • First step, choose a tin tree where the stems are young and green
  • Because the young and green tree will grow faster and will produce more fruit.

  • Second step, prepare transparent plastic and also pure coco peat (cultivate media).

  • Step three, then bandage the tin tree you want to transplant with a coco peat (cultivate medium) which has been wrapped in transparent plastic. Please make sure that keep the length of grafting area at 10 or 15 cm, don't over that it.

  • Step four, tie the graft medium at the base and the edges using a raffia rope.

  • Step five, flush the graft medium daily, watering should be done through the cracks that have been prepared before it.

  • Step six, when the plant has reached 30 to 45 days, the graft will begin to have a lot of hybrid, it means that the graft is ready to be cut and moved to the normal media.
That is how to transplant Tin fruit, easy is not it? you can try it at home. In addition to grafting, you can also cultivate Tin fruit by stem cuttings.

Grafting Tin fruit


Another way to cultivate Tin fruit is by stem cuttings. This method is not much different from grafting. Please do the following :

  • 1. Cut off the stems or branches of an old Tin tree. The characteristic of the old Tin tree is it has brown or purple skin with a stem length of 10 to 15 cm.

  • 2.The trunk of the Tin tree which is will be distilled, then cut it incline.

  • 3. After stem are ready, then seedlings stem in the nursery which you have prepared. Give pure sand or coco peat in it.

  • 4. Former cuts on the top of the tin tree used as cuttings, should be coated with wax. The purpose of coating the wax on the screws of a tin tree is to prevent decay.

  • 5. Flush the stem of the cuttings every day to keep the soil moist.

  • 6. After 45 days, Tin tree already has many stems. This means that Tin tree is ready to be moved to a new land or pot.

Tin fruit stem cuttings

Cultivate Tin Fruit for Urban Peoples

Seedlings grown from grafts and stem cuttings will be more efficient if planted in pots compared to being planted in open land, especially for urban people who have narrow land. Then how to plant Tin fruit in pots? please do the following :

Prepare planting media such as soil mix, cocopeat, goat dung and raw husk with a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. This planting medium is inserted into the pot with a diameter of 30-50 cm. Potted materials come from cement, plastic, zinc or others. Once the media is ready, then the seeds are planted therein. Treatment is enough with watering every 1-3 days. For perfect growth, give goat droppings every 6 months. Simply by spreading the dirt goat on the surface of the planting medium, then stirred slightly. By the time she was 4 months old, Tin had started to produce.

How to cultivate Tin Fruit in Pot

how to cultivate Tin Fig fruit at Pots

That's little explanation how to cultivate the Tin tree. We hope it will give benefits for the readers. And finally you can cultivate Tin by yourself at your home. Have a nice try, hopefully it can grow well.

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