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Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 How to Create Compost Fertilizer

Compost is a fertilizer made from organic materials. This fertilizer is very useful for the soil because it can bind nutrients in the soil, thus making the soil more fertile and more friable. Making compost as fertilizer will have a more permanent impact than chemical fertilizers. Nutrient content in compost is more stable than chemical fertilizers. Millions of micro organisms in compost will help to improve the microbiological ecosystem in the soil. Compost is made from the remains of living things, can be plants or animals decomposed by decomposing organisms. Compost quickly work in the soil, organic elements in it quickly decomposes into nutrients in the form of nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) as well as minerals and vitamins which are useful for plants.

compost fertilizer

In addition, compost can also save the environment because he comes from organic wastes which are around us. Although the amount is excessive in the soil, compost does not provide any side effects. Unlike chemical fertilizers, if given too much in the soil, it can damage important organisms in the soil.

To make compost is very easy. It does not require complicated equipment and expensive fees. When viewed from the manufacturing process, compost fertilizer is divided into 2 types. One is made in an anaerobic (non-air) way, while the other is aerobic (with air). Both of these ways produce the same compost, just different in appearance only.

Steps to Make Compost Fertilizer

The first step in making compost is to prepare the land for composting. Keep the land for composting given a shade roof, this aims to avoid rain. Make a square tub using wood with a width of 1 meter and a length of 1.5 meters. Use wood with width: 30-40 cm.

Prepare organic raw materials such as straw, stems of banana trees or others, can also be mixed with the livestock feces. Make a small chunk of that organic material. The smaller the better, but do not get too smooth, in order aeration can take place perfectly during composting. Put the small chopped organic material into the wooden tub, then try ot make it solid until the whole wooden tub is full of the material.

How to create compost fertilizer

When all the ingredients have been prepared into the tub, flush with water to make it moist. In order for the composting process to be fast, add a starter of decomposing microorganisms into the compost pile. After that, increase the height of the board, then add organic raw materials and repeat this process until the height of the tub reaches 1.5 meters.

After 24 hours of composting process, usually the compost pile temperature will rise to 65 degrees Celsius, keep this state about 3 to 4 days. This process serves to kill pathogenic bacteria, weeds and fungi. Please keep an eye, which this omission process should not be more than 4 days, because it will kill the bacteria of microorganisms that serve as compost parser. If the decomposing bacteria die, then the composting process will run longer.

After composting runs for 4 days, lower the composting temperature in the range of 45 to 60 degrees Celsius and humidity in the range of 40-50%. To maintain the temperature of composting, can be done by turning compost. While for maintaining moisture, can be done by watering the compost with water. At this stage, there will usually be a high enough evaporation, to prevent this from happening, please cover the compost with a plastic sheeting at the same time to protect the compost from rain.

To reverse the compost, can not be done by carelessly. It will make it failure on composting process. Perform a compost reversal by lifting the wooden tub, then removing it from the compost pile. Put the tub next to the compost pile, then input the compost into that tub like the initial process of making.

Fertilizer compost

Continue this process until the entire compost pile moves to the side. In this way, the compost will be reversed all equally. Reversal process should be done every 3 days until the composting process is complete with perfect.

When the compost temperature has stabilized below 45 degrees Celsius, the compost will change color to brownish black and the volume will shrink to about 50%. If the condition is like that, stop the reversal process for approximately 14 days.

The Characteristics of Compost are Ripe

In theory, the process of making compost will be completed within 40 to 50 days. But the fact may be faster or slower, depending on the microorganisms and raw materials used. Compost fertilizer which mature is characterized by its dark brownish color, its texture is loose, odorless.

compost for land

When compost fertilizer is made for sale, fertilizer should be sifted first then packed in sacks. Keep compost in a shady place and avoid rain. This will be an attractive business field. Have a try.

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