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Sunday, April 8, 2018

6 The Benefits of Fig Fruits for Health

Tin fruit or fig fruit is maybe generally relatively rare to be consumed for some people. This fruit is practically quite rare in everyday life. In fact, Fig fruit is very important for Muslims because it mentioned in Holy Qur'an beside Olive. Fig fruit has the Latin name Ficus Carica, which is one of the fruits from West Asia. As i said before that Fig fruit is one of the most famous fruits for Muslims. This fruit is still relatives with the banyan tree. This fruit is divided into two types, namely wet Tin and dried Tin. What the different between those types is the calorie content in it. Fig fruit is thought to have been used since hundreds of years before century. Because the benefits of it are really amazing, it's good if we routinely consume it. And to make easier to consume it, we should start cultivate it at our garden

The benefits of Tin or Fig Fruits for Health

Tin fruit comes directly from the heaven and has so many nutrients in it. Among the nutrients contained in the Fig fruit is potassium, iron, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and many more various nutrients on it.

The origin of the tin tree is from the Middle East, then it spread to Afghanistan and Portugal. The Fig tree produces a latex liquid which comes out from the stem. This liquid is like milk and can cause irritation to human skin. The Fig tree can grow up to 10 meters. The leaves look like yams or papaya leaves. When it is still raw, it has green color and when it ripe turns to purple. If bitten, it will create a fragrant aroma and taste like guava fruit. The tannin content in it, makes it so tender when bitten.

Fig fruit is believed to prevent hemorrhoid disease and can also overcome uric acid disorders. Fig fruit can be eaten fresh. Fig fruit can not last long after picked from the tree. Fig fruit will usually be dried after harvesting and then processed into various foods. One of them can be used for making jam.

benefit of Fig Fruits for human health

In 100 grams of unprocessed dried Fig fruit, contained various vitamins and minerals. A study mention Fig fruits belong into group of plants which have the highest vitamin C and fiber content. Therefore, Fig fruit efficacious as an antioxidant.

Empirically Fig leaf nutritious treat swelling for various reasons, including the problem of hemorrhoids and insect bites. The benefits of Fig fruit as anti-inflammatory have also been proven through a study. In addition, other studies also proved giving Fig fruit extracts containing steroid and flavonoid compounds in rats, can inhibit liver cancer cells in the animal.

In people's medicine, Fig is used to treat various infectious diseases. A study proves, extracts of sap from Fig efficacious as anti-bacterial. All parts of this plant work as anti-diarrhea, this is caused by the work of the substance content of tannin and flavonoid.

For more details, here are the various benefits of Fig fruit :
  • Anti Bacteria
  • As mentioned above, the Fig fruit is capable of killing off the health-disturbing bacteria.

  • The Formation of Red Blood Cells
  • Fig fruits contain iron, you know that iron is one component of the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin itself is one component of red blood cell constituents. Thus, the Fig fruit is very useful to trigger the formation of red blood cells, so it is advisable to be consumed for people with anemia ( especially for whom have problem the iron deficiency ). In addition, by increasing formation of red blood cell can also optimize memory and reduce fatigue.

  • Treating Hemorrhoids
  • Not only papaya which could facilitate digestion, but Fig fruit has ability to overcome constipation too. As we all know that the fiber content (dietary fiber) contained in it, which play a role on this.

  • Preventing the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Fig fruit has omega 3 and potassium, where it can prevent the occurrence of coronary heart. Beside Fig fruit, the fruit which contains high potassium is banana. We can see for example at the hospital, bananas are recommended for consumption by hypertensive patients.

  • Prevent Bone Porousness
  • Fig fruit contains the same calcium as milk, so it can help the growth of teeth and bones. It also has benefit to prevent bone loss.

  • Prevent Uric Acid
  • One of the causes of uric acid disease is because of eating too many foods that contain high purine. According to some experts, the fig fruit can prevent the occurrence of uric acid.
With the various benefits described above, it would be a pity if we did not start consuming figs. How about you?

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