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Sunday, May 27, 2018

4 Little Things That Will Improve Your Health

In a day, we may have an extraordinary busyness. So busy, so sometimes we forget to take the time to drink enough water. Being healthy all the time, should be done on the sidelines of our busy life. Actually, It does not take much time to do simple things that can make us healthy always. Health is the right of our body. So in this post, we will be discuss small things that can be done so that we can be healthy all the time. Agree?

healthy life with more steps

Multiply Your Steps

Try to multiply your steps every day. Whatever the condition, try to find an opportunity to be able to walk longer. Just like when leaving for the office, then find a parking place located a little distance from your desk. Then we will walk more with such conditions.
Or for example if you are riding a train, then if the distance between stations is quite close, try dropping at one station before your destination station, then you will run more. If there is an escalator in your office, then try going upstairs through the stairs. In this way, then you will be active every day. Your body will often activity and this will make you become healthier.

walking make you health

Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important activities of the human body. When we sleep, our bodies are most efficient at recovering and healing themselves. Most adults need at least 7-8 hours to prevent depression and keep stress hormones. Enough sleep will prevent you from overeating. Instead of continuing to hold the smartphone on a trip or a break in the office, it's better to spend the time to sleep, even if only briefly.

enough sleep will make you more health

Take a Deep Breath before Looking at the Smartphone Screen

According to a researcher, take a deep breath before looking at the smartphone screen could help you to cope with stress. Make this your daily habit. So if we do this routinely, then it will be able to help you to stay in shape all day long. Try taking a breath for 60 seconds each time you look at your smartphone screen, and feel the different.

take a deep breath before looking smartphone

Fill Your Drinking Water Bottle

It is very important to be know that we should drink enough water every day. Make sure that you can drink about 8 glasses each day to keep the fluid levels in your body at standard level. Because of our busyness, sometimes we forget to drink. Then, what is the function we should drink enough water every day? the benefits are :
keep the skin fresh, watering the toxins in the body, helping to keep the intestines in the stomach healthy, and keeping the muscles tired. In order to keep our drinking patterns, we should invest some of our money to buy bottles that can be used many times. Make enough filling of our drinking bottle so that the water needs in our body is maintained.

drinking enough water every day

Cook Your Own Food

Home food is definitely healthier and hygienic than we eat out. Home cooking gives you confidence with the herbs used, the main ingredients used wether are either fresh or wilted. In addition make you can save your money, cooking your own food will give you full control over what goes into your body. If we buy food outside, we do not know, the content of any substance that enters our body. It may be that the substances that enter our body from the food we buy from the outside are more toxic than the nutrients. When we cook at home, we can meet the nutritional needs of the body with fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, meat, seafood, nuts. Then make it a habit to stop eating before full. Do not let us eat glut, because the body has a limit on the amount of food that goes into the body.

cooking your own food

Say Honest

Get used to telling the truth in any circumstance eventhough it is bitter. Accustomed to tell the truth will bring peace to the heart. When the heart is peaceful, then the mind will also be clear. When the mind is clear, the body will respond with a fit physique. Is not the origin of the disease a heavy burden of thought? Accustomed to lying will create conflict in the mind, it will make you easily to sick. Living a life of honesty brings great personal satisfaction and makes your life healthier.

say honest to make your healthy

Thus, are some trivial things that we can do every day to keep us fit and healthy. Good luck.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

6 The Benefits of Goat Milk for Health

Most people seem to know more about cow's milk, compared to goat's milk. Though, please note that goat milk has a truly extraordinary benefits for our bodies. But in the mass media and television, the promotion of dairy products is more vigorous compare with the promotion of goat milk.

Should be note that Goat milk has a fine protein grain, so it can enter in the cell layer to regenerate the damaged cells. whereas the proteins in cow's milk can not enter the capillaries in the alveolus (the air bag in the lungs), but the protein granules of goat's milk are able to enter and regenerate damaged alveolar cells.
benefit of goat milk for health

Goat milk produced by female goats after childbirth, within a period of 0-3 days will produce milk with colostrum that contains very many nutrients when compared with cow's milk. Reporting from Organicfacts, goat milk was more healthful. Some of the nutrient content of goat milk proved to be better than cow's milk. The benefits for the body will be more optimal.

Goat milk is widely used as an alternative therapy for various diseases. In addition to respiratory problems, such as asthma or lung infections, a number of other diseases are believed to be cured by consuming goat milk regularly. Diabetes that occurs due to decreased function of the pancreas (abdominal salivary glands) to produce insulin, can be cured with goat's milk.

Protein found in goat's milk is able to repair the damaged portion of the pancreas gland. Not only for health, goat milk is also processed various beauty products, such as masks, creams (face cream), and body scrubs. In some countries, many of them use goat milk for beauty care products.

Nutritional Content in Goat's Milk

The nutritional content of goat milk is amazing. A study revealed that goat's milk has a small diameter (1 - 4.5 mm) grain size (1 - 4.5 mm) with a higher proportion of 82.7 percent, while cow's milk is only about 65.4 percent.

In addition, as much as 20 percent goat milk fat has a shorter carbon chain (4 s.d. 12 carbon) and makes it easier and faster to digest than cow's milk. Therefore, goat's milk is perfect for those who have indigestion (lactose intolerant).

goat milk good protein

Research on Goat Milk

According to the Journal of American Medicine, goat's milk is the most complete food with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, chemicals, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that are easily utilized by the body. The human body can digest goat's milk in just 20 minutes. Compare with 2-3 hours needed to digest cow's milk.

Goat milk is the type of milk most similar to breast milk. It can be seen in terms of composition, nutrition, and natural chemical properties. This makes goat milk an ideal food for weaning children. Higher levels of glycerol ether than cow milk also make some doctors recommend goat milk for the newborn's nutritional intake.

Goat milk also has a high percentage of protein, vitamins, and minerals, such as higher levels of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sodium. We know that Calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium greatly affect bone growth. Fluorine levels in goat milk reach 10-100 times higher than cow's milk. Fluorine is a natural antiseptic that contains elements preventing the onset of bacteria in the body.

Benefits of Routine Consumption of Goat Milk for Health

Regarding with the health benefits of the body, here are five main benefits that you will feel when routinely eating goat's milk :

  • Goat Milk is Better in the Process of Human Bone Formation
  • . Not only gives effect to the body that is still developing, for those who are adults and elderly too, if routine consume goat milk, then it can prevent problems of premature osteoporosis.

  • There is no Inflammatory Effect and Excessive Pain Reaction in the Abdomen.
  • . Goat milk contains a special enzyme that proves very friendly to the human stomach. When consuming goat's milk, you also minimize the occurrence of inflammation of the intestine that often occurs in those who drink cow's milk.

  • Increase metabolism
  • The many nutrients in goat's milk are the triggers. In one glass of goat milk, can suffice the body's calcium intake as much as 40 percent. In a glass of goat milk can also be sufficient intake of vitamin B you as much as 20 percent.

  • Goat milk also Proved Better in terms of Iron Absorption in the Digestive Tract
  • It is certainly very good for those suffering from anemia and other nutritional problems.

  • Nourish the Heart
  • Goat's milk is considered able to neutralize fatty acids in the body. It is certainly good to minimize the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other dangerous diseases. Cholesterol in the goat's milk is also classified as good cholesterol is certainly beneficial to nourish the body.


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