About This Blog

Welcome to Hanannaqq blog. This blog is will talking about Natural Herbs for Health. I hope this blog will give a much benefit for us. Not only for you, but also for me too ^_^. Because in my opinion, sharing knowledge is the best way to keep my own knowledge remain in my head.

2 About Us

Hello.. my name is Hanan Naqiyya. My hobby are writing, reading a novel, playing a futsal, tasting food. My dream is become a useful humans for others and finally enter into the paradise.

About my personality, simple, energic, and friendly. I love writing, so I make this blog to fullfil my hobby in writing. I want to share my experience, thought, news and knowledge, especially about natural herbs and its benefit for our health.

I hope this blog could give any use to a reader.

Want to contact us? please sent email to : hanannaqq@gmail.com

Oke. please enjoy, and keep spirit :)


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